Collins Distribution Catalog August 2019 Catalog - CD - Page 124

What’s in Your Install Vehicle This is a list of tools our DISH installation experts recommend carrying in your install vehicle. See something you need? Order by 3pm ET for same-day shipping. CUTTING & SAWING M220304 M221901 6” Drywall Saw Milwaukee Flip Open Utility Knife DRILLING ANCKIT M137249 M208832 M208842 M270180 Anchor Kit ( 10x1 Anchors & Hex Head Screws, 3/16” Masonary Bit) 12” x 18” Bell Hanger Bit Milwaukee Hammer Drill Bit 1/2” x 16” x 18” Milwaukee Hammer Drill Bit 5/8” x 16” x 18” Milwaukee 5/8” x 16” Flat Boring Bit FASTENING CTRW929 CTS425 CTS426 M222424 M891105 Stanley 3/8” Driver Ratchet Stanley 1/2” Deep Well Socket Stanley 7/16” Deep Well Socket Milwaukee 3/8” Nut Driver Milwaukee 20pc Thunderbolt Drill & Drive Set HAND TOOLS AMCT3 CPS6590 CPTRX71630 JASWR12 JASWR716 JRDG30 JTT7 MAGNEPULL M222702 MEM819 M225125 M226107 PVT200 VCATESTER Z1520 Modular Ratchet Crimping Tool Cable prep RG6/59 Stripper w/1 Spare Cartridge Cable Prep Torque Wrench Jonard 1/2” Ratchet Wrench Jonard 7/16” Ratchet Wrench Jonard Glow Rod Kit Jonard Terminator Tool Magnepull Cable Retrival System Milwaukee 2pc Screwdrivers Set Milwaukee Empire Torpedo Level Milwaukee 25’ Magnetic Tape Measure Milwaukee 7” Diagonal Cutting Pliers PPC Universal Tool RG6, 59, 7 & 11 Cat5 & Phone Cable Tester with BNC Conector Zircon Stud Finder POWER TOOLS M18269722 Milwaukee Hammer Drill & Impact Driver Combo Kit SATELLITE FINDING AF701M AXR3 AXRTS2 DTAN DTANCOVER 4” Magnetic Satellite Angle Finder XR3 Modular Test Meter XR3 DBS Module Suunto Tandem Inclinometer Suunto Tandem Inclinometer Rubber Cover STORAGE M170180 M228112 M228120 M228200 Milwaukee Bucketless Tool Organizer Milwaukee Electricians Work Pouch Milwaukee Work Belt w/Suspension Rig Milwaukee Jobsite Backpack MISCELLANEOUS ACADY1 ACTR12 ACTR8 J50957 M18088020 124 Cable Caddy, Large Reel Type, Steel Cable Toner with 12v Battery & Splice Aska Coax Cable Tester w6 Terminators GFCI Tester Milwaukee Cordless Wet/Dry Vac COLLINS DISTRIBUTION (800) 825-1100