Collins Distribution Catalog CD Catalog Feb 2019 - Page 86

SMART HOME Hot Water Shut Off System Smart Hot Water Heater Shut Off System with Automatic Shut Off and App Alerts #ARSHWS - $78 00 Put your mind at ease and save money on your Homeowners Insurance with the RCA Smart Hot Water Heater Shut Off System with Automatic Shut Off and App Alerts! Simply install the unit, place the water leak sensor on the floor and download the free app. When water is detected around your water heater, the valve shut-off is initiated. A 90dB alarm will sound and an alert will be sent to your mobile device. Your space is secure! Shut-off Valve Control Unit WiFi Module Pressure Release Pipe Sensor Water Leak Sensor Features • Faulty Pressure Release Shut Down - Receive notification and water will shut down if pressure release valve runs for 60 seconds • Protect your home or business from water damage and save money on your homeowners insurance 86 • Two notifications when water leak is detected: A notification is sent to your smartphone or tablet (iOS 8 or higher or Android 4.1 or higher) and a loud, 90dB continuous alarm goes off • Easy DIY installation with no wiring necessary - attaches to existing plumbing, place the water sensor on the floor, connect to your 2.4 GHz WiFi network and download the free app • Upon water detection, the floor sensor will turn off water input automatically - preventing costly damage from flooding • Compatible with lever-action ball valves only