Collins Distribution Catalog August 2019 Catalog - CD - Page 98

SMART HOME ACCESSORIES Mesh Wi-fi Velop Intelligent Mesh Wifi System Tri-Band #ES011046 - $115 00 Linksys Velop is a high-performing modular WiFi mesh system of nodes built to provide exceptional WiFi coverage throughout your home. It sets up in minutes and delivers a flawless, ultra-fast, full-strength signal. FEATURES 98 GUIDED SETUP Fast and easy setup using Linksys App on iOS and Android devices. TRI-BAND TECHNOLOGY Three bands that deliver the fastest combined Wi-Fi speeds to more devices. LINKSYS APP Monitor and control your home Wi-Fi from anywhere. MODULAR Each node adds 2,000 Sq Ft** of Wi-Fi. Just choose the number of nodes needed for your home. GIGABIT ETHERNET PORTS Transfer data 10x faster than Fast Ethernet, ensuring high-speed connectivity for wired devices. WORKS WITH ALEXA Custom Alexa commands. PARENTAL CONTROLS Schedule kids’ time online and manage their online activity from anywhere with the Linksys App. GUEST ACCESS Create a guest network with a unique password for convenient and secure guest access.