Collins Distribution Catalog August 2019 Catalog - CD - Page 9

you receive LOW COST, HIGH QUALITY PRODUCTS SHIPPED FAST MOST EXPERIENCED INDUSTRY EXPERTS DISH SALES, OPS & INSTALL SUPPORT Joey, Wally & 211 Non-DVR Receivers Share the Hopper experience on other TVs in your home with a Joey. Joeys allow customers to expand their service to multiple rooms in the house without having to add a separate DVR in every room. Access one central DVR with all your live, recorded, and On Demand TV in remote places like your garage, basement, patio, or any room. Even start watching in one room and finish in another. Connect the Wally to your portable antenna and begin enjoying you TV no matter where you are. With built in apps, channel search features, and Bluetooth capability, Wally gives you the comforts of DISH at home, on the go! Wireless Joey Receiver Super Joey Receiver • Connect your DVR to any TV in your home without wires. • Same compact design as the original Joey. • Same user-friendly Hopper interface as the original Joey. • Record up to 16 channels at once and never miss a show again. • 2 built-in tuners for centralized, whole-home control. • Compact design and user-friendly Hopper interface. #ESSUPJOE - $99 00 #ESWLESSJOEY - $49 00 4K Joey Receiver Wired Joey 1.0 Receiver • Supports 4K video resolution. • Bluetooth support for wirelessly connecting your DVR to all your home entertainment devices. • Same compact design and user-friendly Hopper interface as the original Joey. • Connects your DVR to any TV in your home (one Joey per TV). • Compact design for easy storage on a shelf or in a drawer. • User-friendly Hopper interface. #ESJOEY4K - $99 00 #ESJOEY - $49 00 Joey 2.0 Receiver Joey 3.0 Receiver • All the features of the Joey 1.0, plus faster proccessing. • Faster processing in a slim design. #ESJOEY3 - $49 00 #ESJOEY2 - $49 00 Wally HD Receiver Non-DVR ViP 211 HD Receivers • Single tuner, non-DVR Receiver, offering premium quality in a standard receiver. • Supports DISH’s portable antennas – DISH Tailgater and DISH Playmaker – allowing you to enjoy TV even when you’re away from home. • Connect one HD TV • Compatible with the Tailgater • On-screen caller ID • USB port • Output: HDMI, Coax, Pr Pb Y #ESWALLY - $49 00 #ES211K - $49 00 • Smaller & lighter than ES211k • 2 USB ports • Output: HDMI #ES211Z - $49 00 GUARANTEED SAME-DAY SHIPPING on orders placed by 3pm EST 9