Collins Distribution Catalog May 2019 Catalog - CD - Page 94

SMART HOME ACCESSORIES Mesh Wi-fi System Google Wifi Mesh Wifi Router 3-pack covers up to 4,500 sq. ft. #GA00158 - $245 00 FEATURES 3-pack Google Wifi works differently than a traditional router. You set up multiple points throughout the home, creating a “mesh” network that delivers a consistently strong, secure signal. So long dead zones. Wifi points work together to create a connected system that gives a strong signal throughout the home. Since Wi-Fi is broadcasted from each Wifi point (and not just a single router), Google Wifi is a connected system that provides better coverage over a wider space. The system is flexible and scalable, so if you have a larger home, connect as many points as needed to get better Wi-Fi in every room (our 3-pack covers up to 4,500 sq. ft). Wifi points connect wirelessly, so you don’t need to run Ethernet cables throughout the house. TECH SPECS Wireless AC1200 2x2 Wave 2 Wifi Expandable mesh Wifi Simultaneous dual-band Wifi (2.4GHz / 5GHz) supporting IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac TX Beamforming Bluetooth® Support Ports 2 one-gigabit Ethernet ports per Wifi point WAN and LAN on primary Wifi point; both act as LAN ports on additional Wifi points Color and Material White, lightweight, durable plastic Security WPA2-PSK Automatic security updates SLB 9615 trusted platform module Memory 512MB RAM 4GB eMMC flash Processor Quad-core ARM CPU, each core up to 710 MHz Power 15W power adapter ~9W consumed Dimensions and Weight Diameter: 4.17 in (106.12 mm) Height: 2.70 in (68.75 mm) 12 oz (340 g) Supported Operating Systems Android, iOS Requirements Google Account Google Wifi app Broadband Internet connection Each Wifi point requires a nearby electrical outlet 94 A Wi-Fi evolution. The way we use Wi-Fi has changed. We have more devices that need strong, fast Wi-Fi in more parts of our home — and Google Wifi delivers just that. You’ll still need service from your ISP, as well as a modem. From there, Google Wifi handles the rest. Traditional routers have limited range. Extenders can add a bit more range, but degrade speed. Google Wifi points work together to cover your home with a reliably strong, fast signal.