Collins Distribution Catalog May 2019 Catalog - CD - Page 12

DISH Remote Controls Remote Skins Hospitality Remote EZR Basic Remote #ES006660 - $9 50 #ES177524 - $14 00 . Bright colors make the remote visible and easy to spot as well as identify which room it belongs to. . Tacky texture helps remotes stick to sofa arms preventing falls, and if it does fall the Remote Skin helps protect it from breaking. . Helps protect coffee tables and other furniture from scratches from the remote’s hard plastic base DISH 40.0 Remote Skins #RESKINRED #RESKINGR #RESKINBL #RESKINPK $6 00 10-lot - $5 50 21.0 Remote Kit 32.0 Remote Kit #ES161256 - $14 00 #ES176805 - $14 00 DISH 52.0 Remote Skins #RESKIN52RED #RESKIN52GR #RESKIN52BL #RESKIN52PK $6 00 10-lot - $5 50 40.0 Remote 54.0 Voice Remote #ES190482 - $14 00 #ES010312 - $14 00 COOL FEATURES • Voice Commands Take the guesswork out of navigating your Hopper system by using voice commands to find your programming, tune to channels, and more! • Remote Finder Can’t find your remote? Don’t panic! Simply press the Locate Remote button on the front panel of your receiver. • Personalize Your Remote With customizable buttons, you can turn closed captioning on and off, launch Netflix®, turn on Picture-in-Picture (PiP), record a program, and more, with just one click. • Let There Be Light Too dark to see the buttons on your remote? Activate the backlighting on your remote by simply picking it up, moving it or shaking it gently. 12 COLLINS DISTRIBUTION (800) 825-1100