Collin County Living Well Magazine November/December 2017 - Page 6

FROM THE PUBLISHER 2016 Living Well Magazine Celebrates 10 Years of Service 2006 COLLIN COUNTY President & CEO Sam Houston Vice president & CFO Spring Houston Getting Better A fter binge watching the latest season of House of Cards on Net- flix recently, Sam and I looked at each other and in unison said, “That’s who we need to feature in the magazine!” No, we weren’t talking about Kevin Spacey, we were referring to Robin Wright, whose character, Claire Underwood (spoiler alert), becomes the first woman president at the end of the fifth season of the political drama. The role of the scheming and manipulative Claire is a juicy one and al- lows Wright the freedom to showcase her sizable acting chops. At 51, Wright is finally getting the attention she deserves. And, guess what, she’s more vibrant than ever and, if her latest role in the recently re- leased Blade Runner 2049 is any indication, she’s only getting better. She’s equally passionate about her philanthropic work. The Dallas na- tive has worked with The Gordie Foundation in Texas, which provides young people with the skills needed to navigate away from drug and alcohol addiction. She’s also an activist for human rights in the Demo- cratic Republic of Congo. We catch up with this dynamic, multifaceted actress inside to find out her secret to living well. Speaking of living well, Dr. Charles Toulson is helping people suffer- ing from a full range of musculoskeletal disorders, diseases, and inju- ries. Dr. Toulson and his team at Alpha Orthopedics & Sports Medicine share a passion for excellence in orthopedic care and work together to provide just that. Areas of specialty include adult hip and knee recon- struction, adult hip and knee revisions, robotic-assisted joint resurfacing, knee arthroscopy, foot, ankle and trauma. Read about his revolutionary approach to medicine in this issue. Inside you’ll also find a wealth of additional information on how to lead a better life. As always, we tip our hats to the community profession- als that share their expertise with our readers. Their contributions are greatly appreciated. Sincerely, Sam and Spring Houston 4 COLLIN COUNTY Living Well Magazine | NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2017 Feature Writer, copy editor & social media director Sondra Barr Art Director, layout, Production & website design Lewis Schucart Advertisin r6W0FW2FVF6VGF26VG6Ɩ6VGFW2bFWu$DRDU2FVW2vRvVBƖRF6VPfVGW&VBFR6fW""vB7V&V7G2RvVBƖP6fW&VBW6֖rVFF2bĕdrtTvPB7&tƗfwvVr6Х7V'67&F27W7FW"V&W0ĕdrtTvP&#c#sFW2sS#`wwrƗfuvVr6ХS#BSrfSR#C#3 ĕdrtTvR26W&6Rf"VƗGVGV6F'F6W2ƗfrVFf'&@ƖfRW"f7W226V7FrW"&VFW'0vFFRFW7Bf&F7BbF70&VWfBFFV"WffrƖfRg&7WGFpVFvRVF6Ww2B&6VGW&W2FFFW f6VvBƖfW7GRf&F6ЦV7Fr&VFW'2FVFrVF6B'W6ЦW72&fW762FV"6VGFW0B( ĔRW2pf6V&6ƗfuvVptdrW2pƗfuvVw0GfW'F6VVG2F2vR&R6VB'F&B'FW2vRFB6G&"VF'6RVFW"FRGfW'F6VVG2"FV 6FVBgW'FW"vRFBVf7GW&R6VF7G&'WFR"&ЧfFRbFRvG2"6W'f6W2GfW'F6VBW&VvRW&V'W&W76ǒF66Ɩ&ƗGvF&W7V7BFFRf&F vG2B6W'f6W26FVBW&VvRgW'FW"F66琦Bv'&FW2"&W&W6VFF2W&W72"ƖVBvF&W7V7BF7V6f&FvG2"6W'f6W26VFr琧v'&GbW&6F&ƗG"fFW72f"'F7V"W'6PB&VrVFW'7FBFBvRFB6vVFvRFB琧7V6v'&GW7G2vR&RBƖ&R"&W76&Rf"琦72W'FvR"&FBR7VffW"2&W7V@bFRf&F6FVBGfW'F6VVB"vG0"6W'f6W26FVBW&V( v^( &VfW'2FFRRbF0vRBfW'62bƗfrvVvR6V vR2vV2W7F2bF2V&Ɨ6r2