Collin County Living Well Magazine November/December 2017 - Page 39

The Latest Technology in Testing for Viruses and Bacterial Infections, So You Can Feel Better Sooner Courtesy of Healthcare Associates of Texas a ve you ever been so sick and didn’t know what exactly was causing your illness? Healthcare Associates of Texas has the latest technology in lab testing that can determine what is causing your ailments. Healthcare Associates of Texas has added BioFire's FilmArray system to their practice. This testing can scan for 42 bacteria and virus strands in approximately one hour. This means no more guessing what your infection is from and unnecessary use of antibiotics when not really needed. The FilmArray system works by detecting the DNA of pathogens for both Gastrointestinal (GI) and Respiratory (RP) panels. The GI panel targets for 22 different viruses, bacteria, and parasites. The RP panel tests for 17 viruses and 3 forms of bacteria that can cause upper respiratory infections. • • There are approximately 73 million cases of food- borne illnesses every year in the United States. This, in turn, leads to 1.8 million hospitalizations, and 3,100 annual deaths as a result of bad bacteria entering the GI system. FilmArray’s fast and accurate diagnoses can assist in the reduction of these numbers significantly while also saving money on healthcare costs. As we all know, upper respiratory infections are common in both children and adults, with adults contracting 2-4 infections per year, and children having 6-12 infections. The estimated economic impact of this illness is about $40 billion each year in the United States. results back, further delaying the treatment-specific care a patient should receive, and we all know that a lot of diagnoses can present with similar symptoms; the flu, pneumonia, and RSV. They all start by showing signs of fever, fatigue, chest pain, cough, etc. So how amazing would it be to know exactly which of the three illnesses is ailing you? Healthcare Associates of Texas now can use this technology to provide doctors with the information they need to treat you much quicker than was ever thought possible – and in most cases, the test is complete within one hour! BioFire’s FilmArray is a catalyst in modern medicine. Clinicians now have the opportunity to design a specific treatment plan from a much earlier viewpoint than before, and this not only has a positive outcome for the patient, but also pro-actively protects the community by inhibiting the spread of viruses in the environment. Preventing the spread of infection is just as important as treating the infection itse bB&f&Rw2f &FFRf&W"BFRGFW"F&RFRBV6V6W"&FRFWfW"&Vf&R6FRWBFRR&RfVVƖrVFW"FRvVFW BvBFfVV&WGFW"f7FW"f6BRbVF6&P766FW2bFW26fVVB6F26V'frB4WF2GRbFV6wv2ǒf&R6PGf6VB7F6WGFw2BrVF6&P766FW2bFW22FRf'7BWGFVB&'6&R6Ɩ2FR6WFW&VFVB7FFW2F'&rF0&V&&R7G'VVBFG2FVG27W'&VFǒ7FFW7Fr6FRF2FvWB VF6&R766FW2bFW2&fFW2G2FVG2vFFF6FWVb6&R'ffW&r6&VV6fRf֖ǒVF6PB6&W2VFW"R&bf"&Rf&FR6f6BFV"vV'6FRBwwrVF6&V766FW26ࢃs"#SsC