Collin County Living Well Magazine November/December 2017 - Page 37

and physical health. While quitting should not be your first choice—es- pecially because it isn’t wise to make big decisions during seasons of se- vere emotional stress—it should be considered if it is impossible to do your job without burnout continuing. Connecting with a wise and experi- enced counselor who can monitor your health, connect you with a psycholo- gist if medication is needed and be a safe place to talk about what causes you stress and how to move forward. Do the hard work of looking at your- self and your situation to figure out the sources of stress and how they can be alleviated. Because, if you don’t ad- dress what’s ‘broken down’ in your current situation, your problems will follow you in the next job/role/career. Take a break from the rat race. The amount of time you can take off from work will vary depending on your job, benefits, etc., but you must take some time off. If you can take an extended vacation or sabbatical, even a medical leave of absence, do it. The hard part will be focusing on you, not work, during this time. Simple rest and nourishment can go a long way to finding yourself after burnout. How can to burnout from hap- pening again? Learn how to deal with stress healthily, and make lots of room for good in your life. Once you have done the hard work of beginning to recover from burnout, the simplest way to prevent it from happening is to keep making these better choices. You got into burnout in part because of choices you made. You can get out of burnout by learning to make different, better choices. And you can stay out of burnout by continuing to make those choices, and growing in them. You can shine and have joy once again. Burnout is the result of ongoing, increasing stress. It accumulated be- cause of circumstances and choices. You can make different choices that, over time, will alleviate the stress and make you whole again. Rachele Slotman graduated from Hope College with a degree in psychology and received her M.A. in Education in College Student Affairs Leadership from Grand Valley. She enjoys spending time with her family, playing games, cooking and doing house projects. COLLIN COUNTY Living Well Magazine | NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2017 35