Collin County Living Well Magazine November/December 2017 - Page 15

3. Expect some minor eye discomfort and itching for two to three days, but DO NOT touch, wipe, rub or put pressure on the operated eye. 4. You might experience initial blurriness that will clear up in the coming days. Other normal possible side effects: Double vision, redness or bloody areas in the white part of the eye, and seeing pink or funny colors. 5. Contact Key-Whitman if you experience any pain and/ or if medication you typically take for a headache isn’t working. 6. Don’t swim, use hot tubs or participate in water activi- ties – besides bathing or showering – for 10 days. 7. Do not wear eye make up for 10 days. 8. Wear eye protection – glasses, sunglasses – during all waking hours for 10 days. 9. Two weeks following surgery, return for follow-up visit. 10. Schedule upcoming follow-up visits and surgery for sec- ond eye. 11. Keep in mind the healing process for each eye may vary significantly, with both still be in the normal &vPb&V6fW'( "6&VV6fRGVBWR6&P( "6F&7B7W&vW'( "7f*7'7FV<*FV6<*bFRF&2( "vVVBbvV6b6&VF6V6P( "WVƖB7W&vW'b&F*( "6W"f66'&V7FvfRW26FFs"sc##"Fg&VRCC"S33wwrWvF6Х66F2F6W'fRRF2W7VFR'FF2'F&ƖwFb6WF&ƖwFfrW2ࢇW6W&SWvF␤4Ĕ4TEƗfrvVvRdT$U"DT4T$U"#p0