Collin County Living Well Magazine November/December 2017 - Page 12

From page 9 He was the first surgeon in the area to perform a direct anterior hip replacement with robotic as- sistance. Most recently, Dr. Toulson completed the first ever, total knee replacement for both of a patient’s knees bilaterally (simultaneously) using the MAKO™ Robotic-Arm Assisted Technology. OUTPATIENT JOINT REPLACEMENT PROGRAM Dr. Toulson is also a forerunner in same-day or next- day joint replacement surgery. The reason for his success is his minimally invasive, muscle-sparing surgical technique. His patients are returning to their active lifestyle quicker than ever before. A PATIENT’S EXPERIENCE Rebecca went to see Dr. Toulson as a patient with severe arthritis in both her knees. She shares, “I was having severe pain in my knees. I had dif- ficulty going up and down stairs, steps, even the curb. It hurt so bad to walk, even short distances.” Dr. Toulson explains, “When patients come in with arthritis, we often try non-operative means of treatment before we talk about surgery.” Once patients exhaust non-operative options for knee arthritis, Dr. Toulson sits down with the patients and talks to them about the benefits and the risks of total knee replacements. Rebecca needed knee replacement surgery in both knees. She smiled and shared, “The sur- gery went wonderful. I haven’t had any prob- lems and everyday it gets better and better. I can walk up the steps now getting into my home.” A total knee replacement is when the surgeon re- moves all the cartilage and lining of a knee joint and replaces it with metal and plastic. The total knee replacement often functions just like a normal knee does. Patients often have no pain and most times patients forget that they actually have had a knee replacement. The MAKO™ Robotic-Arm Assisted Technology allows for superior accuracy and preci- sion in the placement of the new hip or knee joint. After knee replacement surgery, patients can return to the same activities that they enjoyed before the surgery. Both hip and knee replacement surger- ies are one of the most successful surgeries ever invented. “A year after their surgery, 96%-98% of patients are either satisfied or very satisfied with their joint replacement, ” affirms Dr. Toulson. 10 COLLIN COUNTY Living Well Magazine | NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2017 When Dr. Toulson is not with his patients you can find him enjoying time with his wife Deryn and three children, at their home in Frisco.