Collin County Living Well Magazine November/December 2017 - Page 11

D r. Charles Toulson founded Dallas’ premier destination for hip and knee replacement, Alpha-Orthopedics & Sports Medicine. Conveniently located in Dallas and McKinney, his practice provides care for a full range of musculoskel- etal disorders, diseases, and injuries to the human body. Dr. Toulson and his team at Alpha Orthopedics & Sports Medicine share a passion for excellence in orthopedic care, and they work together to provide just that. Areas of specialty include, adult hip and knee reconstruction, adult hip and knee revisions, Robotic -As- sisted joint resurfacing, knee arthroscopy, foot, ankle and trauma. DIRECT ANTERIOR HIP REPLACEMENT Dr. Toulson is a pioneer in direct anterior hip replace- ment surgery. Using only a three-to-four-inch incision, anterior hip replacement surgery allows for a faster re- covery, less pain, and alleviates the need for postoperative hip range of motion restrictions. As a result of its muscle-sparing approach, it is most attractive to patients. This minimally inva- sive technique is so effective that patients are often walking the same or next day without a walker, cane, or crutches. Norman, a former Dallas Cowboy football player, had been living with hip pain for 7 years before becoming a recipient of a &W6VVB7W&vW'W&f&VB'G"FV6WVWBЦrG"FV6f"27W&vW'&W&W76VB2WW&V6P'Fr( גf'7B&W76bG"FV66RvvFFRv&B( vVW2( v2fW'&W76VBvF2fW'6FfRGFGVFR2vVFvR2vƖvW72B&ƗGFWFח6VbW7FǒvBv2vrFV( ФG"FV67FFVC( ג&VfW'&VBFV6VRf"&W6r2vrF&VvFRg&BbFRFRFW&"7WP&W6VVBvFF2FV6VRvR6vWBFFRvFWBFvrW66RBBbvRF( BFvPW66^( gFVG26&V6fW"V6W"FWfW"&Vf&R( Ф&6FVVB( gFW"FR7W&vW'v2vƶp&VB&66ǒFRWBFv2fW'fW'vFFRWF6RBfW'vFFRƗGFRFR@FF&V7WW&FRגגƖfRv2&6F&GvvVV2Bv2F&VBvFFB( Х$$D2545DTBBTR$U4TT@G"FV6266FW&VBVFW"FRF2f'Bv'F&V&&F2767FVBBVR&W6VVBB2W&f&VB&P&&F2B&W6VVG2FFW"7W&vVFR&V6FVVBvR4Ĕ4TEƗfrvVvRdT$U"DT4T$U"#p