College Underground Magazine Issue 2 - Page 4

Page 4 GLOBAL MEDIA GURU NIKKI RICH (Con’t) There have been one guest that I was really nervous with Angela Jollievette she is a Grammy Manager and a DJ! I’m so inspired by her!! If you could change one thing about the music industry, what would it be? I would add more Education on The Industry and things to look out for good and bad. What do you think about the rise of internet radio? Do you think traditional radio will soon be an afterthought? I love the rise of Internet radio! Some people have misperceptions as if its not reaching that area in fact is reaching globally. Internet radio is growing so fast [H\HYY][ۘ[[Y\\]]HHY[HYYYKB[ۘ[[[\]B\HX[YYXHۜ[[ ][H[\H^Y[[X[YYXO•H^Y[\\X[YYXH[H]H]H[[\\]][[ۙH[H\[Y\\˜[X[YYXH]H[YH[YKHZHX\[H[\XX[YYXH]ܛH\XYHHY\]]B[\Xۈ[\[[ۜ[]ܛ\Έ]\[Yܘ[K]\][ۈ[[Y[X]\H^H[\HۛXY[[[H] [H[H]HXH[][]K]][\[Hܚ’H]HܚY][[X^[ۈٚ]\و[[][[Z[H\X\[\H][˜XY܈XHۘ][Y[[][ۈ[\]\[\[\[[[HY B] ]\HYYوݙ\[HUYH]\[[]\[\YX\•HHYY\]UUH\H\H\][Hܝ[]Hݙ\H LUHYB]\[]\[^\]\^H\^\Y[H]\HH\XH[\Y][X^[\\[H[H܋B]\ܘ]Y[ [H]H[HYXH܈\\[[[HX[Y[H[\[[Yو\[˜H[Y[Y’H^H\X\H\X\H\X\HXZH\H\[\[ܙ\BHY[\H\[)\\HH\ZHX“Y[HۙH^HHH]HHXH\YY\YHXXH ]\^[H]][ۈوZHX۝[YH][\ ^^[H[[۝[YHZ[[^H[\\HH