College Underground Magazine Issue 2 - Page 2

Inside This Issue: Editors Welcome 2 Cover Story Nikki Rich 3 Editor in Chief - Ely Torres Should I Buy Twitter Followers 5 Staff Writers Josh Krol- Event Reviews Saul Crespo- POV Mike Lawrence- Event Reviews Ely Torres Can I Open a DIY Venue? 6 RIP Summer. It’s Been Real! 7 Smart Listener 9 Graphics & Social Media Danielle Housden—Intern Advertising IT Justin Lanning Artist Spotlight—Lords of the Tri- 10 Artist Spotlight—Blow Flyy 11 Album Review—A.M.X. 14 HQ - Chicago, IL Email: Website: Some things simply come together naturally...and this is how you know they're meant to be. This issue saw the birth of our very first industry cover: a front cover story about a self-made industry head who is climbing the ranks of the forgotten dimension of the entertainment world. Nikki Rich is one of the hardest working people in the business and her growing popularity makes her one of the most sought after hosts and online radio personalities of 2013. Nikki is a beautiful reminder of the age old tried and true lesson: if you build it, they will come. The Nikki Rich Empire expands daily as she helps you build yours. We are working hard to ensure that you are reading the articles that intrigue you best...and so we eagerly present to you another Smart Listener installment coupled with articles from the provocative mind of a music enthralled lawyer, Mike. Our Artist Spotlights are growing more than we anticipated and we could not be more pleased to present four new independent artists to you. Hailing from Canada, BLOW FLYY has become a force to be reckoned with on ReverbNation and other online mu- sic communities. A.M.X. shows us why he's still the man whose music you put on when you're about to seduce your neighbor, Chicago's own The Lords of the Trident bring you to your knees in a dramatic fashion as they reignite the love we all have for dramatic, in your face showy metal whilst Voice of Addiction engages you in a sensory trip with their brash beats, vocals and deep lyrics. I truly hope you enjoy this issue as much as we enjoyed putting it together. Don't be a stranger, let me know how we can improve and captivate more readers! We are here because of you, after all. Have a beautiful October and, as always, support local music, baby. -Ely Torres