College Underground Magazine Issue 2 - Page 14

Page 14 A.M.X. WILL MAKE YOU FALL IN LOVE AGAIN By: Ely Tores Every girl loves a man who believes he can bring chivalry back…but if you put the words in a club banger a la AMX’s Got the Tab AND he’s got the looks to match? She’ll be yours forever. While researching the ins and outs of the artist formerly known as Andre Mieux, now AMX, I was not sure what to expect, and so my 2 day musical adventure began that night as I immersed myself in his musical catalogue and online pres- ence. I soon discovered that AMX is better-rounded than other artists who cling to one genre, making his music adaptable to your mood, environment, and occa- sion. This shouldn’t come as a surprise when you consider the extensive musical background and family AMX has. It doesn’t get any better than this. I was recently given the opportunity to speak with AMX about anything my heart desired. Here are a few questions I was compelled to ask: What would you change about the music industry if you could? That would be the free downloads. It has put artists in a position to keep on creating and it becomes about quantity not quality. Look at Michael Jackson and all the time it took to work on albums. You had to invest time, gave your audience a sense of anticipation. Now, there’s less patience. I feel like I was able to witness your evolution as an artist. I particularly love your R&B records. Is there a genre that you’d like to or plan to dip into? Movies, musicals, stay with R&B and even bringing it back is going to be a work in itself. What keeps you creating music after so many years in the game? Life, nature, people, relationships, understanding people. Listening. The more you listen the more you can take a new understanding to find better lyrical content and write powerful records. You worked with Snoop Lion on your track, Made Me Change My Number. You know I have to ask: did you smoke some of that loud with Snoop Lion?? He’s very professional…and successful for a reason. It was an honor to work with somebody like him. What do you hope to accomplish as an artist? Let fans know that I’m a real person and I do real things and make mistakes and have successes but at the end of the day I work hard and do my best to make music everyone can relate to.