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college connection PLANNING A RABIES CLINIC RABIES - INFORMATION FOR PLANNING RABIES CLINICS The College Council recently adopted a Professional Practice Standard – Rabies Programs and an accompanying Legislative Overview – Rabies to assist veterinarians in their provision of rabies programs designed to reduce the risk of human exposure to the rabies virus. Step 1: Step 3: Complete the Request for Authorization of a Rabies Program application form and submit the completed form to the College at least three weeks prior to the date you wish to hold or begin the program. Prior to submitting your request, please review the conditions which accompany the Certificate. You may request authorization for a one day program or a periodic program spanning six months (example: a program offered the first Saturday of every month for six months). Rabies programs can be administered from unaccredited or accredited facilities. Step 2: Once the proposed program is approved, you will receive a Certificate of Accreditation. The certificate will be delivered by e-mail. For an unaccredited facility, read the conditions which accompany that specific Certificate. For an accredited facility, read the conditions which accompany that specific Certificate. Step 4: Host the rabies program and engage in procedures that ensure records for each animal are created and retained and that the Certificate of Rabies Vaccination is provided to the animal’s custodian. Step 5: Following the conclusion of the rabies program, submit the new Rabies Program Data Report to the College within two weeks. The data collected is shared with the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care. As you know, the vaccination of animals against rabies is an important public health measure. Rabies Programs are one opportunity for veterinarians to contribute to the control of rabies in Ontario. College Staff Ms. Jan Robinson - Registrar & CEO Ms. Sarah Ellery Associate, Corporate Services Ms. Aneeta Bharij Principal, Accreditation Mr. Martin Fischer Investigations & Inspections Specialist Ms. Megan Callaway Associate, Quality Practice Ms. Kim Huson Communications Specialist Mr. James Clark Associate, Communications Ms. Lindsay Mitchell P  rincipal, Licensure & Professional Corporations Ms. Ashley Coles IT Project Coordinator Ms. Sharan Ghandial A  ssociate, Investigations & Resolutions Dr. Glenn Pettifer Deputy Registrar Ms. Beth Ready Executive Partner, Corporate Services Ms. Rose Robinson Principal, Investigations & Resolutions Professional Practice Standard Rabies Programs Legislative Overview: Rabies Request for Authorization of a Rabies Program Rabies Program Data Report Questions? Aneeta Bharij Principal, Accreditation Online Forms All College application forms for temporary facilities will be moving to an online format this spring. Instead of completing a paper application to mail or fax to the College, an online form will enable you to quickly apply for a rabies clinic, microchip clinic or cardiac screening program and submit your application automatically. Dr. Susan Sabatini Practice Advisor Ms. Iryna Trask Associate, Licensure & Professional Corporations Ms. Michelle Williams Ambassador, Corporate Services Accreditation Inspectors Mr. Don Huston Mr. Brian Redpath M  r. Dick Stewart Spring 2015 / 5