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college connection VETERINARY DENTISTRY COLLEGE RELEASES PRACTICE STANDARD IN DENTISTRY The Professional Practice Standard Veterinary Dentistry provides increased clarity on the delivery of preventative oral care and dental treatment to animals. Veterinary dentistry includes every aspect of oral health care such as cleaning, adjustment, filing, extraction or repair of teeth and treatment of or surgery to related structures. One of the key areas of veterinary dentistry is assessment and diagnosis, and dental x-rays are often a part of that process. Although veterinarians are not required to have dental x-ray equipment, the standard indicates it may be necessary to recommend the client obtain x-rays prior to treatment in certain circumstances. College Council consulted the profession and the public extensively in preparing this standard and also reviewed recent complaints and discipline decisions related to veterinary dental services. The new standard supports the competent and safe performance of dentistry, which is beneficial to the public and the veterinary profession. The Judgment removes ambiguity surrounding the types of dental services for animals which can be provided by someone other than a licensed veterinarian or experienced delegate. It clearly states that anything outside of brushing, flossing and Many of you will know Dr. Sabatini from the College’s medical records and communications workshops. Dr. Sabatini is also a clinician at the Ontario Veterinary College in the Department of Population Health. Dr. Sabatini is involved in the College’s peer review of medical records program. Dr. Susan Sabatini Practice Advisor COURT ORDERS PUP STAR TO CEASE UNAUTHORIZED PRACTICE The College initiated contempt proceedings against Jill Thompson and her business Pup Star due to the continued provision of animal dentistry in spite of the March 2014 order to stop practising veterinary medicine. The College and Ms. Thompson reached an agreement that was incorporated into a Judgment awarding the College $5,000. Dr. Susan Sabatini has joined the College as a part-time practice advisor. The practice advice service offered by the College is free and confidential. If you have a question associated with the regulations, policy and expectations associated with the practice of veterinary medicine, please contact Dr. Sabatini through the College. The standard also identifies expectations surrounding delegating certain procedures to auxiliary staff; sedation and anesthesia; as well as dental charting. The Ontario Superior Court of Justice has added clarity to an existing Order that a non-veterinarian stop practising veterinary medicine. MEET THE COLLEGE’S PRACTICE ADVISOR 1-800-424-2856 519-824-5600 x2401 breath spray is considered animal dentistry and is an aspect of veterinary medicine. Consistent with the policy on veterinary dentistry, the College has long taken the position that veterinary dentistry includes cleaning animals’ teeth (other than simple brushing) and that only veterinarians may practise veterinary dentistry. Expert evidence supports the College’s position that permitting non-veterinarians to provide veterinary dentistry, including dental hygiene, creates serious risks to animals. The College acts in the public interest and has been granted the authority, by statute, to obtain Orders preventing nonveterinarians from practising veterinary medicine. Spring 2015 / 3