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college connection ANNUAL REPORT 2018 Annual Report 2018 COLLEGE DEMONSTRATES MANAGEMENT OF RISKS IN 2018 The College of Veterinarians of Ontario demonstrates strength in governance, transparency, decision-making and voice as presented in the 2018 Annual Report. standards. The College is entrusted with understanding the current and emerging risks in veterinary medicine and implementing strategies to effectively mitigate harm. • The College’s key accomplishments in 2018 include: • refreshing the College’s By-laws • utilizing independent surveys to evaluate progress • introducing two new independent advisory panels • introducing tools to evaluate strategic risk • supporting antimicrobial stewardship • facilitating dialogue & collaboration with government, associations, academia and other regulatory organizations In 2018, the College issued 4,878 licences. Since 2008, the number of veterinarians licensed in Ontario has increased by 22 percent. The rate of attrition fell to 2 percent in 2018, down from 2.9 percent in 2017. There are currently 2,344 accredited veterinary facilities which is a slight increase from 2,340 in 2017. The College inspected 495 facilities in 2018. Only 10% of those inspected reported zero deficiencies. The number of deficiencies is an area of risk and concern to Council and strategies are underway to improve compliance with the Top deficiencies identified are: • • • • lack of a weekly controlled drug inventory incomplete labels on drug storage containers failure to separate fees for drugs from services failure to separate and discard expired drugs failure to include final assessment of the animal The College saw a continued climb in the number of complaints with 236 complaints received involving 245 veterinarians. 153 of those complaints were resolved with no concerns; 70 were resolved by providing the veterinarian involved with advice or an undertaking, 11 were withdrawn and 7 were referred to the Discipline Committee. Others remain under consideration. To review the 2018 Annual Report, visit: AnnualReport College Staff Registrar’s Office Ms. Jan Robinson - Registrar & CEO Ms. Anita Lovrich (on leave) Policy Specialist Ms. Sarah Kirby Policy Specialist Ms. Kim Huson Communications Specialist Corporate Services Ms. Beth Ready Executive Partner, Corporate Services Ms. Sarah Ellery Records & Risk Officer Ms. Ashley Coles Business Intelligence Analyst Stephanie Bennett Ambassador, Corporate Services Licensure Ms. Shilo Tooze Associate Registrar, Licensure Ms. Lindsay Sproule Principal, Licensure & Professional Corporations Ms. Sarah Adams Associate, Licensure & Professional Corporations Ms. Rose Robinson Principal, Investigations & Resolutions Mr. Martin Fischer Investigations & Inspections Specialist Ms. Cindy Rose Associate, Investigations & Resolutions Ms. Gabriella Klosak Associate, Licensure & Investigations Quality Practice Dr. Susan Sabatini Practice Advisor Ms. Megan Callaway Principal, Quality Assurance & Improvement Ms. Aneeta Bharij Principal, Accreditation Accreditation Inspectors Mr. Wilf Muller Mr. Adrian Darmon Ms. Emily Ewles Associate, Quality Practice Dr. Kim Lambert Associate Registrar, Quality Practice Winter 2018 / 5