College Connection Summer 2017 - Page 5

college connection POLICY THREE-YEAR ANIMAL WELFARE AGENDA ESTABLISHED The College Council has established an animal welfare agenda that reflects the College’s mandate. “Animal welfare is a central motivation for those of us who practise veterinary medicine. We state our commitment to animal health and wellbeing in the Veterinarians Oath,” said Dr. Marc Marin, President of the College. “We understand how passionate people are about the humane treatment of animals – the College, the Council and licensed members share that commitment.” The College’s new three-year animal welfare agenda, established as part of the current strategic plan, identifies areas where the College’s mandate connects with animal welfare activities. Elements included in the College’s animal welfare agenda are: • continuing participation in discussions on shelter medicine and euthanasia; • consideration of policy development on the handling and restraint of animals by veterinarians; • review of the College’s pain management policy; • collaboration with the province on animal protection; • research on alternative medicine in animals that addresses the absence of science and potential risk to animals; and • sponsoring a provincial forum on veterinarians’ roles in animal welfare. The College has an Animal Welfare position statement which clearly defines the instances where it will intervene on matters involving animal welfare and the practice of veterinary medicine. The agenda provides specific opportunities for the College to contribute to the broader animal welfare movement. COUNCIL ESTABLISHES GROUP FOCUSED ON INNOVATION The Council of the College of Veterinarians of Ontario is seeking expertise to stay abreast of technology’s impact on veterinary medicine. As in human medicine, veterinary medicine is also evolving with innovation and rapidly changing technology. The College Council needs to stay informed of advances in the practice of veterinary medicine. Once established, the new innovation and technology advisory group will provide Council with regular updates on emerging innovations and the impact on access to veterinary care. The College’s current strategic plan, Strategy 2020, includes a focus on ensuring agility in public access to veterinary medicine in Ontario. In related work, the Council recently revised its practice standard on telemedicine which permits the establishment of a veterinarian-client-patient relationship via telemedicine. Technology presents a significant number of opportunities to a veterinary practice. The College wants to ensure standards of practice and regulation do not unnecessarily impede innovative measures which can benefit animals and the public. The Council approved the terms of reference for establishing an advisory group at its June meeting. The group is intended to include expert advisors, veterinary regulators from international jurisdictions, as well as a member of Council, a Canadian veterinary registrar and a representative of the Ontario Veterinary Medical Association. College Staff Registrar’s Office Ms. Jan Robinson - Registrar & CEO Ms. Anita Lovrich Policy Specialist Ms. Kim Huson Communications Specialist Ms. Stephanie Bongiorno Associate, Communications Ms. Ashley Coles Business Intelligence Analyst Licensure Ms. Shilo Tooze Associate Registrar, Licensure Ms. Lindsay Sproule Principal, Licensure & Professional Corporations Ms. Sarah Kirby Corporate Services Associate, Licensure & Professional Ms. Beth Ready Corporations Executive Partner, Corporate Services Ms. Rose Robinson Ms. Sarah Ellery Principal, Investigations & Resolutions Associate, Corporate Services Mr. Martin Fischer Investigations & Inspections Specialist Ms. Cindy Rose Associate, Investigations & Resolutions Quality Practice Dr. Kim Lambert Associate Registrar, Quality Practice Dr. Susan Sabatini Practice Advisor Ms. Megan Callaway Principal, Quality Assurance & Improvement Ms. Aneeta Bharij Principal, Accreditation Accreditation Inspectors Mr. Wilf Muller Mr. Adrian Darmon Licensure & Quality Practice Ms. Emily Lewis Associate, Programs Spring 2017 / 5