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Marc A. Levinson


Mark D. Bloom


James L. Baillie


Hon. Joan N. Feeney


Grant T. Stein


Melissa Kibler


Taft A. McKinstry


Board of Directors

Marc Abrams

Agustin Berdeja-Prieto

Daniel C. Cohn

Dennis Connolly

Jeffrey H. Davidson

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Jan M. Hayden

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Catherine Steege

Richard Stern

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G. Christopher Meyer

Paul E. Harner, Chair, ACB Foundation

Board of Regents

Stephen D. Lerner

Chair, Board of Regents

Michael J. Goldberg (1st Cir.)

James L. Bromley (2nd Cir.)

David B. Stratton (3rd Cir.)

Douglas M. Foley (4th Cir.)

Elizabeth J. Futrell (5th Cir.)

Michael P. Coury (6th Cir.)

James H.M. Sprayregen (7th Cir.)

Michael R. Stewart (8th Cir.)

Thomas E. Patterson (9th Cir.)

Kenneth L. Cannon, II (10th Cir.)

Patricia A. Redmond (11th Cir.)

Prof. Ingrid Michelsen Hillinger

At Large

Hon. Jeffery P. Hopkins

At Large

Cynthia Nelson

At Large


Prof. Susan Block-Lieb


R. Patrick Vance

Executive Director

Shari A. Bedker


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Steven N. Berger

Deborah Langehennig


Carole L. McNamara

or charitable events, no matter how worthy, if they are not sponsored by the College. Needless to say, it doesn’t include job change or law firm merger announcements. That’s not to say that Fellows cannot create their own email address list using addresses already in their personal email folders or those gleaned from the College online directory. But in part because Fellows have the opportunity to opt out from including their email addresses (and other data) in the directory, the use of a College email list you may have on account of a College or Foundation leadership role is verboten. So is hitting REPLY TO ALL to an email sent to you by, for example, a Circuit Regent or committee chair. For that reason, leadership encourages widely distributed emails to be addressed to Shari Bedker and that all other recipients (all Fellows in a Circuit, for example) be bcc’s. Thank you in advance for your compliance with the Policy.

A word about the College’s and Foundation’s privacy policy, which can be accessed by clicking on Privacy Policy at the very bottom of the College website home page. It was last revised in May of 2018. The College does not sell personal data (such as email addresses). It uses personal data only for the purposes enumerated in the Policy; importantly, the use of the data does not include solicitations for educational events

From the Chair

Marc A. Levinson, Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe LLP