College Columns May 2018 - Page 19

Prof. Richard I. Aaaron

Hon. Louise De Carl Adler

in memory of Tom Adler

D.J. (Jan) Baker

Barbara G. Barton

in honor of Richard Wasserman for all his kindness and support as 4th Circuit Regent

Lisa G. Beckerman

Shari A. Bedker

Russell M. Blain

Hon. Hannah Blumenstiel

in memory of Patrick A. Murphy

Prof. Charles D. Booth

Jack Butler

George B. Cauthen

in honor of Richard Wasserman

Janet L. Chubb

Hon. Joy Flowers Conti

in memory of Daniel Murdoch

Michael L. Cook

Lawrence D. Coppel

Melanie L. Cyganowski

Hon. J. Michael Deasy

Laura Day DelCotto

in memory of Hon. Joe Lee

Hon. Mary Grace Diehl

Ford Elsaesser

Hon. Joan N. Feeney

in memory of Hon. Nancy C. Dreher

Hon. Patrick M. Flatley

T.J. Fridy

Elizabeth Futrell

Michael J. Genereux

Rozanne M. Giunta

Daniel M. Glosband

Craig Goldblatt

Hon. Allan L. Gropper

David J. Hamernik

Hon. Barbara Houser

David W. Houston III

Patrick L. Hughes

Marc Kieselstein

Hon. Ralph B. Kirscher

Kay S. Kress

in memory of Stuart Hertzberg and Margery Reed

David E. Leta

Sidney Levinson

Caroli Lopez-Castro

Richard C. Maxwell

Jarrell D. McDaniel

W. Clarkson McDow, Jr.

Julio E. Mendoza, Jr.

in honor of Richard Wasserman

Robert B. Millner

Hon. C. Ray Mullins

Daniel R. Murray

Sally S. Neely

Richard Ogle

in memory of Richard G. Holmes

Hon. Elizbeth Perris

John Rao

Hon. Steven W. Rhodes

Harley E. Riedel

Rose Family Fund

in honor of Hon. Mary Grace Diehl's service on the Bench and the National Bankruptcy Bar

Phyllis Rosen

in memory of Leonard Rosen

Robert J. Rosenberg

Stephen W. Rosenblatt

Robert G. Sable

in memory of Bruce McCullough and Daniel A. Murdoch

Hon. Gregory R. Schaaf

Daniel Sklar

Henry J. Sommer

in memory of Prof. Alan Resnick

Bruce H. Spector

Catherine L. Steege

Steven Towbin

Steven C. Turner

Hon. John E. Waites

P. Sabin Willett

Hon. Gregg W. Zive

2018 Foundation Donations

As of May 3, 2018, 68 Fellows have donated nearly $53,830 to the American College of Bankruptcy Foundation. The current list of contributors can be found below. As we always hope for 100% participation by our Fellows, please consider helping us to surpass our 2018 goal of $275,500. You may make a Foundation donation at any time—simply visit to access the online donation form. Thank you for your support!