College Columns May 2018 - Page 11

my nomination had taken place on October 8, her birthday. How apropos.

Martin Sosland, of Butler Snow’s Dallas office, recalls:

What I enjoyed the most about a most enjoyable annual meeting and induction ceremony was the ability to share my joy with

both family and esteemed colleagues and friends, together. I have been blessed to have had a practice that was not limited geographically, and many of those whose paths I have crossed and who I count as friends are Fellows. And I have been blessed with a wife and children who were always supportive of my career and understanding of its travel demands. The induction ceremony provided an opportunity to introduce members of each of those groups to the other, and for us all to share in what for me was a great honor.

Also, I want to publicly convey my gratitude to Berry Spears for not calling on me to sing my alma mater at the Fifth Circuit dinner. The other Fellows are equally grateful they were not forced to listen to me sing.

* * * * * * * * * *

What wonderful memories to hold! What are your own induction memories?

Hon. Erithe Smith posing with a painting of the female Supreme Court justices at the National Portrait Gallery.