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Intl Committee News

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College. These included assigning a “buddy” and issuing an invitation to a Circuit luncheon to each international fellow attending the meeting. In addition, we held a small reception for the international fellows immediately after their Friday afternoon presentations. We are also reaching out to circuit educational committees to consider including international topics in their regular programs and to include international fellows in those program when feasible.

The College is organizing an educational presentation during the Miami NCBJ meeting this coming September. This outstanding panel will be moderated by Professor Ted Janger and includes Hon. David Richards of the High Court in London, Chris Redmond of Kansas City, Dan Glosband of Boston and Agustin Berdeja-Prieto of Mexico City. Please make an effort to attend what will be a great program at NCBJ in Miami.

A major project of the International Committee is the International Insolvency class now taught at St. John’s University with video feeds to six other law schools throughout the country. Under Professor Ray Warner’s leadership, this class is looking to expand gradually over the next few years to up to 20 schools, including Mexico and Canada. The course has grown and improved significantly over the years through the efforts of its elite faculty and supervision by Richard Broude, to whom we send grateful thanks for his exceptional service. We have established an oversight committee to provide support to Ray and the faculty in this effort. There are two things that you as College Fellows can do to help improve and expand this course. These are: 1) recruit new law schools in your community to join the course; and 2) volunteer to act as on-site adjunct faculty either for existing schools or for schools that you successfully recruit. The class is taught in the Spring semester (January to May), one night a week. As the technology has been enhanced, the interaction between the “mother ship” and the remote locations has greatly improved and the result is a more dynamic educational experience. Please contact Ray directly at if you’d like to help or to learn more about the class.

Finally, I’d like to remind you that Phase II of the strategic planning initiative will soon be getting under way and will include a review of the College’s international programs. I urge you to give the committee your input on these important issues so that we can all help to improve the nature and scope of our international engagement and consider how best to choose and integrate international fellows into the fabric of the College.

What's New at the National Bankruptcy Archives

Hon. Joyce Bihary (Ret.)

Co-Chair, Archives Committee

giants such as Leonard Rosen (New York), Norman Nachman (Chicago), and Daniel Glosband (Boston) and organizational papers from the American Bankruptcy Institute. The NBA is also pleased to have received papers of Bankruptcy Judges Geraldine Mund (California), Arthur Votolato (Rhode Island), Judith Fitzgerald (Pennsylvania), and Robert E. Ginsberg (Chicago).

The NBA continues to add to its important Oral History Collection. Each oral history is posted to the NBA website and available for immediate viewing or listening. It is also accompanied by a transcript of the session. Recent new oral histories include those of Judges Arthur Votolato, Stacey W. Cotton, A. Thomas Small, and Dorothy Eisenberg and attorneys Edward Creel, Robert White, Morton P. Levine and Samuel Zusmann, Jr.

Fellow and Archives Committee Member

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There have been a number of exciting accessions to the National Bankruptcy Archives (NBA) at the University of Pennsylvania in the past year including papers of historical interest from bankruptcy