College Columns May 2015 Issue - Page 13

Dear Mr. Baillie,

I am writing to acknowledge receipt of the $10,000 grant awarded to Southeast Louisiana Legal Services and to give you our most heartfelt thanks! Your generous support will allow us to recruit, expand, and train volunteer attorneys in our North Shore Pro Bono Program to handle consumer debt matters for low-income households. With the Foundation's funding, we will also be able to develop pro se materials for the Self-Help desk we staff as well as provide at least four community education events on consumer debt and bankruptcy topics to vulnerable populations such as domestic violence survivors, veterans, the elderly, and community college students.

We are excited about this partnership and will make sure that the Foundation is recognized in all publicity and any publications produced in connection with activities undertaken to accomplish the goals of the grant. Thank you.


Laura Tuggle, Executive Director

Southeast Louisiana Legal Services

Dear Mr. Baillie and Ms. Bedker,

Since you so generously invested in our work, I wanted to

share this wonderful news with you: at the annual Camden

County Bankruptcy Bench-Bar Conference on February 12,

the Rutgers Bankruptcy Pro Bono Project was renamed in

honor of Hon. Judith H. Wizmur, its founder and guiding

light. It will hereafter be known as the Hon. Judith H.

Wizmur Bankruptcy Pro Bono Project.

Hon. Andrew Altenburg, U.S. Bankruptcy Court, along with Ann Gorman from South Jersey Legal Services and Pam Mertsock-Wolfe from the Rutgers Law School Pro Bono Program, spoke warmly of Judge Wizmur's role in establishing this critical project over 20 years ago, and of her continued support over the years. Regrettably, Chief Judge Burns was unavailable, but had a role in planning this event as well.

The best part was that the renaming and ceremony was a surprise for Judge Wizmur!

Please see the attached photo and accept our continued thanks for your role in making our work possible.


Jill Friedman, Associate Dean for Pro Bono and Public Interest

Rutgers School of Law – Camden

Heartfelt Thanks

Upon receipt of their 2014 grant checks, Laura Tuggle of Southeast Louisiana Legal Services and Jill Friedman of Rutgers School of Law-Camden sent emails to James Baillie, Pro Bono Committee Chair, thanking the Foundation for its support. The emails are reprinted below and offer concrete examples of your Foundation donations at work across the country!