College Columns December 2018 - Page 9

We hope to reprise this wonderful program during the College’s annual meeting in San Diego (March 14-16, 2019). At the NCBJ presentation, the audience was engaged always, sometimes awed by scenes likes Stathis Potamatis speaking from his terrace overlooking the Acropolis, often entertained as by Jenny Clift waltzing across the screen, in front of the Vienna UN headquarters to Strauss's Blue Danube waltz, and by a live segment with John Pottow and Jay Westbrook in costume presenting international avoidance as talk show hosts. Judge Adler’s presentation of the 5th circuit decision in Vitro was also a high point, and added greatly to Luis Mejan’s excellent presentation on Mexico. Schwarcz v. Perlstein, a debate on SIFI governance and regulation, was brilliant; no question but the only point they agree on about SIFI governance and regulation is that there will be another crash. Christoph Paulus looked refreshingly laid back in Berlin, overlooking Humboldt University; Robert van Galen on the same subject (EU Directive) looked very unlaid back from Amsterdam; and Patricia Godfrey looked very formal, sitting in front of the Queen and commenting on Brexit in London. Dan Glosband and Chris Redmond looked like very serious lawyers, which is what we are. Jay Westbrook and Judge Adler did an outstanding job as moderators and presenters, Rick Wynne deserves great production credit, including for the video editing and overall coordination of video and on-stage script.


Class 30

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They all served exceptionally well and produced an outstanding group of new Fellows.

I want to extend my sincere gratitude to all of the Regents and Nominating Committee Chairs (and the members of the Circuit Councils and Nominating Committees) for their tireless efforts and commitment to this process. They provided an exceptional list of candidates for consideration. The Regents are: Michael Goldberg (1st), James Bromley (2nd), David Stratton (3rd), Douglas Foley (4th), Berry Spears (5th), Michael Coury (6th), Kenneth Malek (7th), Michael Stewart (8th), Thomas Patterson (9th), Kenneth Cannon (10th) and Sarah Borders (11th). Our Regents-at-Large are Professor Ingrid Hillinger, Judge Jeffery Hopkins and Cynthia Nelson. The Chairs of the Judicial and International Nominating Committees are Michael Baxter and Steven Kargman, respectively.

My thanks, as well, to all of the many other Fellows who participated as nominators, sponsors and supporting letter writers. Each of you can take pride in knowing that you contributed to perpetuate the highest ideals of the College by ensuring that we admit Fellows worthy of our lofty standards. It has been an honor and pleasure to help guide this process and I am already looking forward to starting the process shortly after the San Diego Annual Meeting and induction ceremony. I certainly hope you are planning to come to San Diego where you will have the opportunity to welcome our new Fellows personally.