College Columns December 2017 - Page 18


Ronald R. Peterson became the 36th President of the National Association of Bankruptcy Trustees in September of 2017. The NABT represents the country’s 1200 chapter 7 bankruptcy trustees and focuses on educational programs for its members and the public, bankruptcy legislation and filing amicus briefs to support issues directly impacting Chapter 7 trustees.

The Commercial Law League of America (CLLA) and its Bankruptcy Section presented the Lawrence P. King Award to Nancy B. Rapoport at the National Conference of Bankruptcy Judges (NCBJ) in Las Vegas in October 2017. Each year, the Executive Council of the Commercial Law League’s Bankruptcy Section presents the King Award to recognize a lawyer, judge, teacher or legislator who exemplifies the best in scholarship, advocacy, judicial administration or legislative activities in the field of bankruptcy. The award is designed to recognize the lifetime achievements of Professor King, which include contributing to the practice of bankruptcy law through teaching, by working to elevate the profession and through bankruptcy-related legislative activities. Nancy is Special Counsel to the President of University of Nevada Las Vegas, Garmen Turner Gordon Professor of Law at William S. Boyd School of Law and Affiliate Professor of Business Law and Ethics at Lee Business School.

Bob Wessels, emeritus professor international insolvency law University of Leiden, the Netherlands, and international Fellow since 2004, has published the fourth edition of his book: International Insolvency Law Part II. European Insolvency Law (Wessels Insolvency Law Volume X), Deventer: Wolters Kluwer, 4th ed., 2017, CCXXX + 950 pp.; ISBN 9 789013 145021. Further information at

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