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Spring 2016 International Bankruptcy Course

Prof. G. Ray Warner

Course Coordinator

College’s renowned International Bankruptcy course. The course is one of the College’s major contributions to the education of bankruptcy law students. The College sponsors guest lecturers from the U.S. and around the world to teach law students about the insolvency systems of major countries and how cross-border cases can be coordinated using the European Union Insolvency Regulation and U.S. Chapter 15. The schools hold simultaneous classes using an internet bridge provided by the University of Utah’s S. J. Quinney College of Law, where former College President and Chair Prof. Ralph R. Mabey is one of the course professors.

The course has been revamped to include more Fellows as lecturers and to reflect the rapidly changing nature of cross-border insolvency practice. Prof. G. Ray Warner, of St. Johns University School of Law, was appointed to lead the course and a new College committee, headed by Judge Charles G. Case II (D. Ariz.) (Ret.), supervises the course and helps recruit new law schools to participate.

The Faculty for this year’s lectures are: Hon. Timothy A. Barnes (N.D. Ill.), Agustin Berdeja-Prieto (Mexico), Prof. Susan Block-Lieb (Fordham), Prof. Charles D. Booth (Hawai’i), Hon. Charles G. Case II (D. Ariz.) (Ret.), Hon. Shelley C. Chapman (S.D.N.Y.), Zack Clement (Fulbright & Jaworski) (Ret.), Hon. Robert D. Drain (S.D.N.Y.), Daniel M. Glosband (Goodwin Proctor), Hon. Allan L. Gropper (S.D.N.Y.) (Ret.), Sean Hagen (IMF), Alexander Klauser (Austria), Prof. Ralph R. Mabey (Utah), Justice Geoffrey B. Morawetz (Canada), Prof. Michael Veder (The Netherlands), Prof. Adrian J. Walters (Chicago-Kent), and Justice Maria Cristina Zucchi (Brazil).

This year’s participating schools are: Chicago-Kent, Georgetown, ITAM (Mexico City), St. John’s University, University of Illinois (Chicago and Champaign), University of Michigan, University of Pennsylvania, and University of Utah. It is not too late for other schools to join. Email for more information.

International Bankruptcy Course

Spring 2016 Syllabus

First Module: Comparative Insolvency

WEEK 1: Introduction

WEEK 2: Canada

WEEK 3: Brazil and Mexico

WEEK 4: China and Japan

WEEK 5: England

WEEK 6: Western Europe

Second Module: Managing Cross-Border Cases

WEEK 7: E.U. Regulation on Insolvency Proceedings

WEEK 8: E.U. Regulation (Continued)

WEEK 9: U.S. Chapter 15 – Introduction

WEEK 10: Chapter 15 – Commencement & Recognition

WEEK 11: Chapter 15 – Access to Courts and Relief

WEEK 12: Chapter 15 – Comity and Avoidance Actions

WEEK 13: Foreign Companies Filing for Chapter 11

Seven U.S. law schools and one Mexican law school will participate in the 2016 session of the