College Columns Dec 2015 Issue - Page 6

Regent's Report

Marc A. Levinson, Chair,

Board of Regents

for induction into College Class 27 to candidates from Canada, Greece and 19 states. Invitees include two bankruptcy judges, 24 attorneys, three financial advisors, a law professor and a bankruptcy court clerk. They range in age from 42 to 68; ten of the 31 are women (32%). You may access a list of the invitees by clicking here.

This is another excellent group of bankruptcy professionals who no doubt will make outstanding additions to the College. Each meets the high standards established by both our bylaws and tradition, in that they excel in their profession, their integrity is beyond question and they give back to the community both through participation in bankruptcy educational programs and through active (and generally leadership) roles in pro bono, civic and charitable endeavors. You will learn more about them at the March 18, 2016, induction ceremony, which will again be held in the lovely covered atrium of the Smithsonian Donald W. Reynolds Center for American Art and Portraiture.

More than 31 candidates were nominated, of course, and the Regents spent the day in Miami engaged in spirited but collegial debates about the nominees. The decisions were difficult ones because almost without exception, the nomination packages submitted by the Circuit Admissions Councils and both the Judicial and the International Nominating Committees were thorough and compelling.

My personal thanks to the Regents and to the Committee Chairs (and their constituent Council/Committee members) for providing the College with such a well-qualified group of candidates and to the Regents for their outstanding efforts during the final selection process. The Regents are: Mark Berman (1st), Dennis Dunne (2nd), Karen Giannelli (3rd), Richard Wasserman (4th/DC), Berry Spears (5th), Judy O’Neill (6th), Ken Malek (7th), David Warfield (8th), Jeff Davidson (9th), Carl Eklund (10th) and Sarah Borders (11th). The Committee Chairs are Bob Rosenberg (International) and Judge Jim Garrity (Judicial). And thanks to Regents at Large Tim Coleman, Judge Joan Feeney and Professor Melissa Jacoby for their substantial contributions before and during the September 27th meeting.

Special thanks and congratulations are reserved for the 100+ Fellows who took the time and expended the effort to put together the nomination packages and provide letters of recommendation. All of you who have done so understand that it is no easy task to complete the lengthy form, to do the requisite due diligence and to solicit and/or write the letters of recommendation, all in secret. The Board of Regents looks forward to equally thorough and professional packages for the nominees to Class 28, and we look forward to seeing you at the Annual Meeting in March.

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New Fellows Handbook Available

The College has assembled a handy resource for new Fellows which answers many membership questions. The New Fellows Handbook can be found here or simply visit the College website at and go to the About tab. The handbook is located under Membership Information. This is a great resource for new and seasoned Fellows alike.

The all-day Board of Regents meeting in Miami on September 27th produced 31 invitations for induction into College Class 27 to candidates from Canada

Bankruptcy and the Supreme Court

Copies of the 1st edition of Professor Klee's Bankruptcy and the Supreme Court are still available. If you would like a copy, please contact Blair Alan Knight, at The cost is $10 per copy to cover the cost of shipping.