College Columns Dec 2014 Issue - Page 9

Hello! I wanted to circle back and let you know that today we received notification of our award, with check included. Many thanks! We are so grateful for the vote of confidence from the American College of Bankruptcy Foundation and will be sure to complete our reporting requirements in a timely and diligent fashion.

As a nonprofit who received their 501c3 just this past March, we've built our organization primarily on board stewardship and corporate giving, expanding only recently into federal funding. This is our first full grant cycle, and notification of this gift was in fact our first grant award! I know more will follow, but there is something special about the first Foundation which provides a grant to a young organization. Thank you for being that Foundation to the Military Assistance Project.

Yours in service,

Dianna Schwartz and Albert Ciardi

Military Assistance Project

Mr. Baillie and Ms. Bedker,

I am writing to thank you heartily for the $10,000 grant to Rutgers University School of Law – Camden just approved by the Foundation. I am in receipt of your letter, reporting form and check. As I hope you know, we will steward the Foundation’s grant with care and gratitude, serving as many low income debtors as we can. Our project design enables practicing pro bono attorneys, volunteering through our local legal services office, to help inculcate our law students with the pro bono ethic so pervasive among members of the bankruptcy bench and bar. We truly appreciate the Foundation’s support.

Judge Wizmur, thank you as always for championing our Project and our work.


Jill Friedman

Associate Dean for Pro Bono and Public Interest

Rutgers School of Law – Camden

Heartfelt Thanks

Upon receipt of their 2014 grant checks, Dianna Schwartz of the Military Assistance Project and Jill Friedman of Rutgers School of Law-Camden sent emails to James Baillie, Pro Bono Committee Chair, thanking the Foundation for its support. The emails are reprinted below and offer concrete examples of your Foundation donations at work across the country!