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Chair's Column

Michael L. Cook, Chair

President's Column

G. Christopher Meyer, President

What the College is doing and where it's going are the subject of this column. As shown below, the College is

Housekeeping for the College

In his Chairman's column, Mike Cook has brought you up to date on a number of the

thriving while striving to continue to enhance its capabilities.

Public Service. The College's Pro Bono Committee received 40 grant applications from legal service entities in the past year, seeking $403,429. These organizations provide critical bankruptcy-related services to indigent consumer debtors on a pro bono basis through volunteer attorneys, bankruptcy clinics, bankruptcy workshops, continuing legal education training programs, hardware and software programs, written materials and videos. The committee has reviewed all of these requests and will be making grants totaling at least $326,000, with funds coming from the College and the Foundation. The Foundation administers the grants and, thanks to increased donations from Fellows, has become better able to provide funding to these worthy efforts.

The College has also filed two amicus briefs in the Supreme Court during 2014. With strong pro bono legal support from Squire Patton Boggs, Latham & Watkins, and Professor Ralph Brubaker, the College filed an amicus brief in the Arkinson case decided by the Court in June, 2014. In September, 2014, Wilmer Hale, also on a pro bono

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College's larger initiatives. While these signature programs are a justifiable source of pride and focus for all of us, College leadership is also attending to a variety of other activities that could be characterized as "good housekeeping."

Change of auditors. With the relocation of the College's headquarters from suburban DC to Stanardsville, Virginia, we decided that it would be an opportune time to request bids for a new auditor better-able to service our new headquarters. Shari Bedker, our Executive Director, presented several alternatives to the Board at its meeting in October, as well as her recommended selection. With the new auditor that we have now chosen, we believe we have been able to gain improved service at a reduced cost from our prior arrangement.

Amendment to Bylaws. The College's Bylaws were adopted over 25 years ago. From time to time, we have amended those Bylaws to clarify or supplement its provisions. This year, with the help of the College's General Counsel, Bill Perlstein, we adopted amendments to clarify the procedure for considering nominations of retired or former judges for admission as Fellows. We also updated the designation of the College's principal office

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