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ReVIEW DANELECTRO RELEASES ’66 CLASSIC SEMI-HOLLOW GUITAR Eric Dahl  Key Features Beefy Neck Added Tonal Choices Several Cool Finishes for the bridge pickup and the master volume found it hard not to pick up and play this guitar is a push pull so you can split the lipsticks for every time I saw it on my guitar stand. It sounds more tonal diversity. great playing blues, jazz, rock, punk, or your favorite surf music ala Dick Dale or the Ventures. As you can see in the picture it has a reversed This may not replace your favorite Les Paul or When I first played the Danelectro ’66 at Winter double cutaway offset semi-hollow body, plus Strat, but for some added tonal choices and a Namm I liked the neck and pickup configuration, a center block in the middle to resist feedback. lot of retro vibe the Danelectro ’66 is a lot of fun but the body shape was reminiscent of old The wraparound adjustable chrome bridge is to play, and the beefy neck makes chording a Mosrite guitars from the 60’s, and they just very solid, with a 24.5 inch scale, 22 frets, and breeze. didn’t do it for me. Months later the review a zero nut at the top of the neck. The vintage guitar arrived and the transparent orange finish German carved top and bound body have an Current color offerings consist of 3-Tone looks amazing, even if the body reminds me of extremely comfortable feel whether you are sunburst, transparent red, transparent orange a guitar from a Dali painting. standing or sitting. (my favorite), and black. For $699 street you can I decided to plug it in to a ’68 Fender Princeton What discouraged me about the original money left to buy a soda for those swingin’ gals Reverb for testing, and wow! The single coil Mosrite guitars were how they felt kind of at the beach. Give the Danelectro ’66 Classic pickup in the neck sounds great, but the double cheap, not very sturdy, and seldom stayed in Semi-Hollow body a test drive yourself, and if lipstick humbucker in the bridge position really tune. The Danelectro ’66 has eliminated all of your Woody isn’t full of surfboards it should be delivers the goods! But the fun doesn’t end these issues and added more sound choices a great addition to your next Clambake gig! there! The Dano ’66 also has a coil tap switch with the coil tape and push pull pot. I honestly ride the Pipeline all day long and still have some 42 Jul  Aug 2017