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Smokin' Guitar with Joe Robinson by Doug Doppler photos by Mark Kimura, Kimura Productions If you’re on Instagram chances are you saw feels like the most honest way to say it for me. some of the amazing clips Joe shot during [Joe] I hung out with a lot of older musicians who I learned from, and I made it a point to soundcheck on his recent US tour opening for [CG] So, did you buy your mom a vacuum study great people. My parents played in Tommy Emmanuel. A singer, songwriter, and cleaner with the money you won from Australia’s bands, so I was around a lot of musicians. From guitarists’ guitarist, “Smokin’” Joe Robinson Got Talent? the moment I started playing guitar I developed has all the goods. When he was sixteen he this thirst for understanding the instrument and won Australia’s Got Talent and bagged the [Joe] I’ll go you even one better! My mom got learning as much about it as I could, and so $250,000 grand prize in the process. With over a vacuum cleaner endorsement from a vacuum when I would be around someone who was a 2,000 concerts in twenty countries this twenty- cleaner company! guitarist and had been playing in blues and rock five year old has more experience than most of bands for thirty years, I would sit down with us will get in a lifetime! If by chance you haven’t [CG] So was that technically your first them and say, “How do you do this? How do seen or heard Joe play, we strongly encourage endorsement? you do that? Show me a lick, and show me a you to check out the companion videos for this story! chord that you like!” I was just so hungry to learn [Joe] Actually, I had endorsements with from people. I wasn’t shy about approaching Fender and Maton from age fourteen. I had a people and asking if I could sit in, or asking if I [CG] Considering you’re just twenty-five, few guitar endorsements before the vacuum could hang out and jam with them after the gig. you’ve already had a pretty amazing career. Tell cleaner deal (laughs). us a bit about how you got started. I look at someone like Tommy Emmanuel, who [CG] I think one of the things people love most I just spent three weeks on the road with, and [Joe Robinson] I grew up in a very small about your playing is the fact that you play with he’s been a mentor to me since a very young town in Australia, and started touring when I incredible maturity, but at the same time in age. I have learned so much from being around was eleven years old. This has been my life, the never feels like you’re holding back. Were there him, and when I was on the road I realized fact that I’ve played 2,000 shows since I was any things you did when you were starting out just how much of my musical knowledge and eleven, it kind of tells my story in a way that that contributed to this? understanding of music comes ɽݡЁ$())հ՜) ѥեхȹ