Collectible Guitar JulyAug17 - Page 31

also released. At 1.9 million dollars Wolf now holds the record for the highest amount every paid for a Grateful Dead Guitar to date. The original purchase price of the instrument back in 1973 was $1,500. Wolf’s body is constructed from purple heart and curly maple wood and has an ebony fretboard. Similar to Alembic instruments from this era, where Doug Irwin originally learned his trade, the Wolf guitar has two humbucker pickups and a single pickup in the neck position, but thanks to its onboard electronics, toggle switches, and stereo outputs a myriad of sounds could be achieved with it. As you can see in the images with this article, Garcia’s guitar was truly a work of art with its Eagle inlayed headstock, custom inlayed fretboard, and beautifully flamed woods. Photos Courtesy of Gurnsey's Auction House Jul  Aug 2017 31