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a big thing for me. Racer X, Vinnie Moore, composers. I say “Bossa Nova” because most and others. At the same time, I was getting people see Brazilian music as Bossa Nova, but the instructional videos too. Richie Kotzen, Bossa Nova is more like the music of the 50’s Vinnie Moore, Paul Gilbert, Frank Gambale, and 60’s, so I was also learning the Brazilian and this is all in the late 80’s, when I was music of the 70’s and 80’s. Nowadays, I try to sixteen years old. I had passed through combine all of those elements somehow. The the first chords and scales, I was already Brazilian traditional music with the shredders improvising some stuff, and I was trying and the Metal and everything. my best to play like those guys. It was very motivating for me. I was fifteen or sixteen [CG] As you look at the theory, technique, and suddenly I had these albums from Jason harmonic and rhythmic framework, Brazilian Becker when he was seventeen or eighteen, music and Metal are kind of at opposite ends Yngwie Malmsteen, and Paul Gilbert – they of the universe. Do you kind of put on a Heavy were so young. Metal hat and think, “Alright, now I’m thinking like a Metal player. I’m thinking harmonically Of course, nowadays it’s a different game and rhythmically and melodically like a Metal because you just turn on YouTube and you player. And now I’m wearing another hat see a kid who is five years old (laughs). But, playing Brazilian music, playing Jazz?” Or do back then when I was fifteen or sixteen, you just see it as all being music and you just seeing a guy with an album that had been think the same way about all music? released when he was seventeen or eighteen was a big motivation. Some people think, [Kiko] That’s a good question. It is different, “I’m never going to be able to do that,” and you know, I think of it like wearing different hats. they just give up. But for me it was more like, You could take a Megadeth song, and you’re “This is going to motivate me to practice basically in a certain mode most of the time. It’s more because I want to compose songs like almost always Minor and Phrygian. And then that! I want to do an album like that!” you take a song from Brazilian music, and it’s going to be completely different. You’re talking I was not a fan of any specific one of them, it about Brazilian music as 500 years of culture, was more like the whole thing. But, of course, and it’s a big country, so you cannot compare it Greg Howe was a big deal for me. And then to one band, or one or two composers. When I started listening to all of the fusion guys I’m playing Megadeth songs I tend to look at too, like Scott Henderson, or Stanley Jordan Metal, which is a style of music, and also how with his tapping technique. And I listened Megadeth has inspired this style of music. Dave to the metal bands as well. I remember, in (Mustaine) has his own style and legacy and ’91, going to see Megadeth at Rock in Rio elements to define the musical concept. When with Marty Friedman on the Rest in Peace you’re talking about Brazilian music, it’s huge, tour – amazing! you know? But if you take one composer from Brazil, then it’s easier to focus on playing more At the same time, I was always a big fan like that particular person. of Brazilian music. Growing up, my mother 18 was always listening to Bossa Nova and When you’re performing on stage, it’s a other traditional Brazilian music, which has completely a lot in common with Jazz. Not really on the mindset is like you’re going to make a speech. improvisation side, but more the chords and You prepare, you practice what you’re going to the harmonies. I was trying figure out how say, you go over it again and again and really to improvise those harmonies and play over memorize it, and then you go on stage and those chords. I was practicing and learning deliver it the best that you can. The Brazilian the Brazilian standards and the Bossa Nova music, or Jazz, or just improvisational music Jul  Aug 2017 different mindset. The Rock