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KIKO LOUREIRO Megadeth’s Musical Maestro By Doug Doppler Photos: Kiko Loureiro’s journey from Brazil to the biggest my mother bought me a black SG copy. I was [Kiko] I did listen a lot to Greg Howe and to stages in the world is a tale of talent, passion, thirteen or fourteen. Richie Kotzen in the early days. At that time, we and a lifetime of hard work. After decades of didn’t have everything being officially released international acclaim with Angra, Kiko moved in Brazil, so we were always relying on friends to Los Angeles to find new opportunities, and who went to the U.S. to bring back albums. But as the lead guitarist of Megadeth he’s done just the mainstream players were being released in that. Not just a virtuoso of one style, Loureiro’s Brazil, so that’s who I was mostly listening to. mastery of the instrument is the mark of a true Van Halen and other mainstream bands with musician, not just a guitar player. We caught great guitar players. up with Kiko between legs of Megadeth’s world tour in support of their Grammy-winning [CG] There’s a video on YouTube of you But the shredders, like on the Shrapnel records disc Dystopia. tracking the solo for “Temple of the Shadows” were more of a niche. We didn’t have those back in 2004. You were clearly an accomplished records in Brazil and they were hard to get. I [CG] I understand that you started on a nylon- shredder by that point – not the kind of stuff you remember when a label in Brazil released all string classical when you were eleven, and would learn from a traditional Classical teacher. of those albums, with Richie Kotzen, Jason then switched over to electric a couple of years What resources did you turn to back then to Becker, Greg Howe, and others from the late later. There’s a funny story about how you got develop your technique? Did you have any of 80’s. Joe Satriani and Steve Vai were on bigger started, care to share that with us? the Greg Howe and Richie Kotzen videos, or labels, so they were easier to get. But suddenly did you do it all by ear and elbow grease? I was listening to all of those players and it was [Kiko Loureiro] My sister was taking lessons, the teacher was coming to our house, and one day she just decided that she didn’t want to any longer. My mother had already paid for the lessons, so she said, “Hey Kiko, do you want to try?” It just kind of happened, but then I loved it! I started learning the first chords and then the first few classical pieces from some of the Spanish composers, like Tárrega and some of the other easy Classical pieces for the first few years of acoustic guitar. At the same time, I was discovering Iron Maiden, Kiss, and Led Zeppelin. I was getting vinyl albums of Rock bands from the library at school, and I was discovering all of the Classic Rock music. Then in 1985, they had Rock in Rio and it was a big event! They had The Scorpions, Iron Maiden, AC/DC, Ozzy Osbourne, Queen, Yes, Whitesnake, and so many other cool bands. I was watching it on TV and I thought, “I want to play guitar!” so Jul  Aug 2017 17