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A r The “Tree” meets “Tunnel 13” A one of a kind guitar built Passion for Perfection with the two most beautiful and tonally superior, legendary woods in the world— 360 year old Tortoise Shell Mahogany and 2000 year old Redwood recovered from B the infamous “Tunnel 13”, the site of the last great train ruce Petros has been building robbery in America. unique, handmade acoustic 50,000 $ r guitars for discriminating players and collectors since 1972. Petros guitars are meticulously constructed from the finest master-grade woods—artistic and timeless designs inspired by the likes of William Morris and ancient Celtic Art, yielding some of the most sought after instruments in the world. Bruce builds each guitar to delight both player and audience alike—guitars that sound wonderful and are a joy to play and behold. Today, Petros guitars are universally recognized as world-class, heirloom quality works of the luthier’s art, worthy of investment and deserving great pride of ownership. Bruce and Matt Petros build limited-edition and one of a kind guitars that are signed works of fine art. We invite you to enquire about available instruments or to commission your own distinctive piece. 920-766-1295