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COLUMN PAWN SHOP PRIZE Roger Zimish  CLASSIC AMERICAN MADE PEAVEY T-60 GUITAR is another man’s gain. But when it comes to provide extra stability along with 6 in-line tuners. For guitar shoppers that want a truly American guitar shopping, the winner gets the prize. The guitar is not lacking for tone options with guitar and want to stay below four digits, its tone controls and coil taps that cover full cruising pawnshops are ideal. You never know Recently I came across an American made fat humbucking to telecaster tones and almost what you might find. Pawnshops usually tend Peavey T-60 guitar with its original hard shell everything in between. The bridge is made for to buy gear as low as possible while still being case! The big deal here is that not only is the thru the body strings with 6 individual string as fair as they can to their customers, and guitar American made and selling for around saddles for fine-tuning intonation and string then resell it, of course, for a profit. Most times $400 bucks, but it has the “Original Hard height. Another bit of history, “This was the first people will need to get a loan on something, Case”. There is nothing else out there that will guitar constructed using computer controlled and for some unknown reason don’t pick up fit into one of these Peavey guitar cases as well carving machines, a technique borrowed their pawned items after their allotted time as a Peavey does because they are molded for from gun stock making, and is now standard period, thus making the item property of the their guitars. You really can’t have one without practice among mass production guitar makers pawnshop and available for sale to the public. the other. today.” A bit of Peavey history: Founded in 1965 by On a side note, I have owned several Peavey Hartley Peavey in Meridian, Mississippi, they guitar amps over the years and still have one started making amplifiers and speakers. In today. Lynyrd Skynyrd, Van Halen, and Joe the late 1970’s Hartley wanted to make a fairly Satriani have endorsed and helped design inexpensive guitar alternative to the Fender and some of their amps over the years, so it’s not Gibson brands. Working with designer Chip a bad idea to keep an eye out for their amps in Todd they introduced the T-60 guitar, the “T” pawnshops either. It’s sometimes unfortunate that one man’s loss is for Todd. Overall, the Peavey T-60, or any of their other 54 The T-60 has a Fender style maple neck, American made guitars, is a pretty cool addition contoured offset double-cut away with a to the stable for the guitar collector. Remember rounded ash body, 2 humbucking pickups, 2 when shopping the pawnshops that there’s volume and 2 tone controls. The neck on this nothing wrong with making them an offer on T-60 is their patented “bi-laminated” maple that guitar you’re interested in, you just might neck that has opposing grain directions to get the deal of the day. Jul  Aug 2016