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REVIEW NEW PICKUPS HAVE GUITARISTS RIVETED! Eric Dahl  looks futuristic with three coils placed under the that are using Rivet pickups include Isaac Retrofits into Humbucker Slot strings to be boosted, while the other portion Brock (Modest Mouse), Art Alexakis (Everclear), Push-Pull Potentiometer of the pickup acts as a standard pickup with Mick Jones (Foreigner), and Stan Lassiter. a magnet under all six strings. The Rivet ’63 is At the writing of this article the Kickstarter designed to be installed in the neck position campaign had already more than tripled it’s with the mini coils under the three bass strings, original goal of $5,000. Each of the pickups while the Rivet ‘64 is built for the bridge position are hand made by David Petschulat and his Innovations in guitar pickup technology is no with the three coils under the treble strings to son Sam in a Franklin, TN workshop on the easy feat, especially when considering past boost those frequencies. The sound is boosted outskirts of Nashville. Individual pickups sell for advancements by: Fender, Gibson, Seymour when engaged, but not in a distorted fashion. $145 a piece, and a pair will run you $215. If Duncan, EMG, DiMarzio, Don Lace, Lindy The Rivet pickups just increase the levels of you’re looking for a pickup that will increase the Fralin, Bartolini, and Fishman. But David the strings they are under without boosting the response of specific strings at the touch of your Petschulat, creator of Rivet Pickups, has done others. Although only two models are offered fingers then Rivet pickups could secure a place just that by making a humbucker sized pickup at this time I have heard rumors that others are on your guitar upgrade list. They are currently that has mini coils that can increase bass in the testing stages once the Rivet ’63 and only available online at and expand treble frequencies. Petschulat is Rivet ’64 are firmly established. Name players Key Features Boosts 3 bass or 3 treble strings without distorting a professional guitar component builder that has provided parts over the years for Jackson Browne, Eddie Van Halen, and Steve Morse. In the past few years David has focused his efforts on a pickup design that would expand the guitars capabilities, so he began offering it to the public through Kickstarter in May of this year. The pickups are made to retrofit into your guitars existing routed humbucker slot and come with a push-pull potentiometer that replaces a tone control, allowing you to turn the mini coils off and on. Visually the pickup Jul  Aug 2016 53