Collectible Guitar JulAug16 - Page 49

COLUMN VIEW OF THE DAY Dave Cleveland  Hello and Greetings from Nashville (home of between the keyboard player and me. We can the chords will help you to focus ideas that Hattie B’s Hot Chicken). formulate intro ideas and hooks for the song as will work in the range and color of the song well as turnarounds and the outro. As you listen I hope you all are doing great and spending a to a song with your chart in hand and the other lot of time practicing your guitar! musicians, a real vision for what the song will be starts to come forth. 3. Does the song need an intro hook? This is where you get to step out and create something that will draw the listener into the song. Once again, I try to incorporate Even though I spend most of my day in the studio recording, I still like to get up in the Within 10 to 15 minutes of hearing the song something that will reflect back to the morning and practice. It could just be 5 minutes, for the first time, before an instrument has even melody of the song. You don’t want to but it sets the tone for the day. Recently I joined been touched, you know the form, tempo, key, come up with this super cool hook that a sight-reading site that allows me to refresh and vibe of the song. Now we can head to our has nothing to do with the song. If you my page with new challenges every 16 bars. little stations and begin to flesh out the parts. Of do, you might hear this from the producer, You can set the tempo, time signature, and key course, the initial vibe can change a little as you “Save it for your solo effort.” you want to read in. It’s really the best way to hear your ideas come to life, but for the most practice reading. You never get a chance to part the vision you had before tracking the song memorize anything. You feel the pressure to usually holds true. 4. What kind of sounds do you need to fulfill the vibe of the so \]YY]]Y[\YܙH]Y[[ܙHZH[Y[^H\\܈\]YY[H\HXY[[H\[ۋXXH\BY][[ܙHH[[[\[^\[H‚\و\\XK]]\Y][HYBX[Y[\\و[\Z[H][KXO]X]X\XX^XB]8&\H\^Y\ܚ\H\]\X‚H\ܚ[ۈHڙXH\^H[ܚ][ۈ[H]\Hۙ^\ۈH]‚HX[^Y][^\[Hܚ\K\\XX[H\B[Y\[H[\[\‚\H\]\Xܚ][ۈ[H]\K[\[ˈ[H\]]\\XX[H\H[\[ˈ[H\]]H[[\˂H[[\ˈ[H\H\ۜXH܈X\X[ۈHۙ[ˈ\H\H\X[[Y][[ܙH[[ܙH\œ]X[Y H^X\ۘ\œ\YH] [^H[[š[\HH[و\[ۙH[B[ܘ]]]H\˂[\[ۈHX[^KH]\XX[[]\[H۝KۙH^H\[^HH܈[H\[۝\][H[\Hۙˈ\YX[H[\[[ۙ]\[\Hۙ[ۙH\˂YHوH[]H\ۘ[HۜY\[XXHH[YK۸&]H[[ZY]Y\X[HH[[]\[[H[ [ܛZ[\\H\NH][ۙ\]\H]\H[؛\܈[\ܙX]]]K\[\[[ˈ[\H][YH\[[\\[Y]]\HY[HوHۙ[HYYZ[[[[K8']8&\H[XYXK'H۸&][^\H]\Hو]HY[B\[] ]H\]\XX[[[H]8&\‚\][\\۸&]Y]B[XHJKx&[H[[[KH\Y[BٙH[\\]HY[YYBY[KY^H[Hۙ\Z[‚]HX]HY[H܈[\[[Y[[]HXHوH[H\ˈ܈YKH]BZ^YHY[H[[ݙ\[\\‚YXH\\X[HYۋ]\YZ[BوYX\\Yۈ]H[[Y\[]YX[^H[UUH\HBX\وZ] ]XZ\܈]\XB]\HHܙZ[XHۛ‚[[H^Y]˂[X\[YHYX\\X[ۋBHH\[[]]H^Y\˂\\\HHܙX]]]HX[H\ZBKB\Y[[X]Hۙˈ\H\[Y\H\[HX[H[[[و\\[ۂB[;k]Y MXXQZ]\BB