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Gibson scale instruments and .11’s on the jazz box. I like the Dava picks. Probably more than I have ever settled on a pick before. They feel nice in the hands. And I don’t drop them. Well much, that is… (laughing) The tone is different as well, especially on acoustic guitars. For pickups I use mostly DiMarzio 36 anniversary PAF pros and Area 67 single coils. I do have a few guitars with Lollar blackface pickups in them and they sound really nice. I have a Tele with a Dan Mare Tele neck pick up that’s just great. But mostly DiMarzio’s. Their consistency in sound and reliability is great! I’ve been a fan since the mid 80’s. photo by Wade Allen experience they’ve just had. That’s always more they just ask me what amp I’m using and For amps I’ve been using the Fractal Audio Axe a good thing, other guitar players may come where is it, because they can’t see it. FX. At first I used the Ultra, then the Mark  II, up and comment on the gear, but most music then XL, and now the Ax8 Floor Model. I think lovers just come up and say that they had a I use a Sennhieser wireless G3 series and their it’s the pinnacle of guitar modeling and beyond. great time, enjoyed listening to it, and really in-ear wireless monitors. Actually I just think it sounds great and I have a loved my sounds. They never say, “Hey, were ridiculous amount of sounds and textures with you using a modeler or a real amp?” (laughing) When not using the wireless, I’m using this very me all the time.  Only other guitarists do that, and more and cool guitar cable, the Morrow Audio Phoenix I have some other very cool gear that I use. I usually have the Tech 21 Fly Rig with me as a back up, and sometimes I take that to jams in clubs instead of bringing the full Fractal rig with me. The Eventide H9 is just a gorgeous little box of textures that, along with the Fractal Audio Ax8, gives me a huge set of tools to create with.  Sometimes I like to put a few overdrive and fuzz boxes in front of the Fractal. Mainly for fun and more unplanned creativity, I have a very cool Majik Box Body Blow over drive that’s kind of like a very nice tube screamer. They make a fuzz as well that is nice. I like things in the Marshall Plexi vibe. I have a Plexi pedal from Tech 21 and the Carl Martin Plex drive too that are both really nice. And there’s this very cool little box called the MDX that I don’t use with the Fractal but with small amps, and it gives that Plexi vibe to my small amps! All of these are great tools. At the end of the day, if I’ve done my job right, people come up and never mention the tools… just the Jul  Aug 2016 39