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photos by Wade Allen get it. I thought about it for a week and went head of production and has designed some his guitars is wonderful, and the playability is back there… and it had just been sold! So that of the world’s most sought after private stock great (very consistent). I’ve taken my Severn all put me on the hunt for another one.   guitars. Tell us about your Knaggs guitars? over the world and it’s been pretty solid in every climate. I also have some great custom shop Ibanez LARRY: By far my favorite guitars to play guitars that they made for me in Los Angeles are my Knaggs. I have a Severn and a Chena To top it all off, they are stunning works of art over the years. I was with Ibanez exclusively for Hollow body that Joe made for me. His guitars visually. There’s always a nice reaction when I 26 years and they made me some beauties. are very interesting because he holds true to take one of those out of the case. They are like My favorite is the Blazer series. Very nice super the vintage sound and feel. It sometimes feels modern/vintage pieces of art that rock!  strats.  like you’re playing a great vintage guitar, but then you have a few modern things going on VICTOR: Tell us about your gigging gear? VICTOR: You have a relationship now with too like his innovative bridge design as well as Knaggs Guitars. Joe Knaggs is known for his the neck joint, the woods, and nut materials LARRY: I use exclusively D’Addario .09’s rich history with Paul Reed Smith guitars as their too. All improved upon, I’d say. The sustain of strings on strat scale guitars and .10’s on 38 Jul  Aug 2016