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I’ve come to appreciate that a lot more now. I have an old 1950’s Gibson ES125, my only At a rehearsal once my friend Ira came by and jazz box now. I just used it on a song on my LARRY: I love guitar. I never started out as after a while he was almost yelling at Billy about, new record too. It’s an awesome guitar… not in a collector. In fact, growing up barely able to “How can you take these guitars on the road?” the best looking shape, but it sounds and feels afford one guitar, I had no idea collecting was Billy’s response, “This is what I play! Why have great! It’s been played a lot. I like guitars with possible. A collection can be so inspiring. Which them if I’m not going to play them?” a story, a past, that have some history. I don’t player and then a necessary collector? one do I play today? What’s the story behind know this guitar’s history, but I can tell there is this one? Can I add something significant to its He does have some pristine condition vintage history?  guitars he never takes out, but his everyday In the 80’s I gave lessons to a very private guitars are some of the most sought after I have a few great reissues, like a 1958 gold guitars out there (much respect to Billy). top that used to belong to a good friend. It has collector. When I asked him, “How come every lesson you show up with a different Les Paul?” one. It’s all over that guitar. some nice tone. Also a ‘63 SG Jr.  VICTOR: What about your current collection? His response was that he loves Les Paul’s I have a couple of Nylon string acoustics that (he had 400 at that point!). That’s just the Les LARRY: I have a small but wonderful collection pique my interest as well. A friend brought by Paul’s! I think that might have been my first of modern, vintage, and reissue vintage guitars; a ‘63 all Mahogany nylon string she got in a exposure to collecting in real life!  some vintage by accident. I have an old 1951 thrift store for under $75. It sounds great. I National Lap Steel that a neighbor gave me need to get the neck reset to lower the action VICTOR: Tell us about your early touring and after giving him part of a guitar lesson. He just though. I need low action (laughs) and I just got guitars. left it for me. I tried for a couple