Collectible Guitar JulAug16 - Page 36

photo by Allison Rae Larry Mitchell an Interview by Victor Ratz Collectible Guitar was able to sit down with Grammy award winning guitarist, Larry Mitchell, who has played for icons like Stuart Copeland, Tracy Chapman, and he seems to know just about everyone in the industry. VICTOR RATZ: Victor Ratz: Larry, what can a burst reissue. Great! Then the gold top comes for me, then the right one comes along with its you tell our readers about your collection? and oh that’s a great guitar and everyone needs story and before you know it your collection a gold top right? There’s a Tele somewhere on has grown. But I am slimming down and I’m LARRY MITCHELL:  Wait... do I collect? Oh just about every track I’ve produced. They just keeping only stuff in general that I love. I’ll trade my, I have a collection? How did that happen? work in a mix. But how did I end up with four 3-4 guitars for one that I absolutely love… one Teles?  that speaks to me.  I guess the collections started out of necessity VICTOR: Tell me about how you started as a It started out with the fact that I produce records and felt I should have a good Les Paul, so I got 36 Jul  Aug 2016