Collectible Guitar JulAug16 - Page 31

COLLECTIBLES ROCKN STOMPN POWER MANAGEMENT TWA WAH ROCKER Start with Standard Mode. You can Based on the original Guyatone WR-3 circuit, the independently adjust on and off delay sequence from 1-15 seconds for potentially 45 seconds total delay... or choose one of three new power sequencer modes of operation. Instant On Mode, TWA Wah Rocker® nails the squawky, slippery, super-funked-up envelope filtering of the vintage version. Hand-assembled in the USA, the TWA Wah Rocker features several updates that greatly Receptacle One Always On Mode, Timer Mode.” improve on its functionality and performance Street $299 770-476-2387 $189 compared to the original. SUBSCRIBE TODAY only $19.95 per year