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May 28, 1958, Gibson Ledger before the body finish was changed in 1961. walk toward the main vintage room on your to stop by and give the guitar a whirl. When Just another reason this is such a unique find right. It is estimated that several hundred Walter shows the instrument to visitors it is as as these models were sought and played by people have already stopped by CVG to pay though he is a proud father, and he even pulls Duane Allman, Jimmy Page, and Eric Clapton. their respects to “The Burst.” The current price out the family photos in the neck pocket of the Construction of these guitars consisted of a on the instrument is $625,000, and musicians case to let you soak in the authenticity. Carter mahogany body, maple top, mahogany neck from all over have stopped in to see and take stated, “Given all the attention that Bursts with rosewood fingerboard, kluson deluxe pictures of the guitar. have received in the past 20 years, I thought tuners, ABR-1 tune-o-matic bridge, three- this one was probably lost. On the other hand, way toggle pickup selector, PAF pickups, and I asked Walter how he arrived at the current rare and important instruments are still being the standard double volume and double tone price. “We started with the value of a Burst discovered. In the past year we’ve had the first electronic configuration. J.D. Simo, a popular with no story. This one is in great condition. It’s original flat-head five-string Gibson Granada Nashville Bluesman, recently shot a video for documented with a photo, the ledger entry, and banjo and the first Fender Twin Reverb amp, Carter Vintage Guitar as he put the ’58 Burst a sworn statement from the original owner. And so in that context it wasn’t surprising to see the through its pace, and the tone is just amazing! it’s the first of its kind. All of those factors add first Burst. To actually hold it is another matter This video can be viewed on their website at to the value.” altogether. That was pretty exciting.” Few non-celebrity guitars have gotten so An instrument find like this is once in a lifetime, On Saturday May 28th, exactly 58 years after much attention from the vintage instrument and it will definitely cause a number of Gibson its ship date, a Birthday party and celebration community and Les Paul books and articles to was thrown at Carter’s with a birthday cake high profile press. be updated and revised going and special party guests to celebrate this Even renowned forward. Once you see and incredible find. If hasn’t sold yet or if you are country artist Vince hear a 1958 “Burst” for yourself in the market for a one-of-a-kind Gibson Les Gill, who is usually it is easy to understand why Paul in experimental cherry sunburst, you can a player, these guitars, along with the find it in a locked and lit case on the wall of couldn’t pass up ’59 and “60, have become the Carter Vintage Guitars in Nashville TN as you the 30 tele opportunity Jul  Aug 2016 Walter & Christie Carter with Vince Gill holy grail of guitars.