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studio or on the road and if so what ones? It’s a cool way for people to be able to watch me DANIEL: I’m just happy that the book is still play live, but also to slow down and see what DANIEL: I use a bunch. Some of my favorites selling! People always message me saying I am doing in the midst of any improvisational are the Wampler Ego Compressor, the JHS how much they appreciate it and learn from scenario that they are watching. Color Box, and the Bellwether delay from it. Whatever it is titled, I am just proud that it’s Walrus Audio. around. It came about through my buddy Jeff ERIC: What has gotten you to where you Schroedl getting in touch with me after having are at such an early age compared to other ERIC: Are you using any unique amps or seen a video of me playing a super fast Merle guitarists that move to Nashville and don’t get pedals now? Haggard song. anywhere? DANIEL: Cool amps that I’ve been using have ERIC: been a Jackson McFly, a 64’ Vibro Champ Are you still working with DANIEL: I’m not entirely sure I’ve met too many guitarists who haven’t gotten anywhere that once belonged to Steve Earle, and my that had a goal that they worked for in their 1959 Tweed Harvard. Cool effects that I’ve DANIEL: Only through my Hal Leonard video been giving a go have been the Walrus Audio so I do work with that much so, to this day. Harvester, the Earthquaker Devices Organizer site, mainly. Pushing who and where and the Twin Twelve Drive from JHS. ERIC: In 2015 you ERIC: Your instructional guitar book “Master conducted a “live” lesson of the Telecaster,” through Hal Leonard, has experiment become very popular. At your current age do how did that workout? via skype you feel odd being labeled a Master of the Telecaster? 24 DANIEL: It was great! Jul  Aug 2016 minds. That’s what I had, and still do, very Pushing who and where you are everyday as a person and a musician is part of my daily mission statement. you are everyday as a person and a musician is part of my daily mission statement. ERIC: Where do you see your musical career