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want a great guitar through a great amp, and one, for me, is as close as it gets. Telecasters serve that purpose for me. ERIC: What guitars or music gear are on your wish list now? ERIC: How and where did you buy your first ERIC: You’re known for your country style SG and do you still have it? DANIEL: All of the Blackface Fender amps licks on the Telecaster guitar, will that direction change with “The Wild Feathers?” the world over. DANIEL: I bought my first SG at a Guitar Center in Nashville after winning the local ERIC: Do you take your vintage music gear DANIEL: A Telecaster is just part of who I am King of the Blues competition. I absolutely do on the road and to gigs or do you leave it at as a musician. I can’t imagine ever not playing have it to this day. I’ve played hundreds and home? one and not wanting that gliding twang that a hundreds of shows with it. good one offers. Its part of what I do. DANIEL: I have some pieces that I bring. I have a ‘66 Pro Reverb that is a workhorse. I ERIC: Of the current guitars you own which is your favorite collectible guitar and why? DANIEL: My 1961 Gibson SG. It’s indeed a “players” vintage axe, but it means the world to me. My lovely girlfriend had gotten it for me for my 20th birthday. I’ve always wanted an also bring my 50s Duo Sonic on the road as I’ve always wanted an SG that was akin to the one ERIC: Are you still doing studio work also? that Dickey Betts and Duane Allman used back in the day. SG that was akin to the one that Dickey Betts and Duane Allman used back in the day. This 22 often as I can. DANIEL: As often as I can! Most of the work I do studio wise is at my home. ERIC: Do you use any guitar effects in the Jul  Aug 2016