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that one from Bonnie years before. A few weeks after I bought them I got a call from the son-in-law, asking me to please sell them back to the family. I told him what I had paid Ross for the lot, and he was surprised by the high dollar amount I paid for them. I told him that I would hold them while he attempted to get the money together. I held them for many months, but in the end, sadly he was unable to obtain the funds to pay for them, so I began to sell them. His interest was mostly in the White Falcon, so I held onto that even longer. Years passed but, unfortunately, no deal was to be made with him. I kept the guitar and played it and fell in love with the tattered beast. I say this because it was well played, missing some parts, and it appeared that at one time Bonnie had applied something to the top of the guitar with glue, possibly rhinestones, but I could not find any photos to verify this. Bonnie Guitar is still alive and kickin’ at age 93, and although I have never spoken to her about the White Falcon, I am sure she played this guitar with love and passion. Though I don’t play guitar out live much anymore, I still consider this guitar and my refinished 1959 Jazzmaster, bought from Jerry Baker 25 years ago, to be my two personal favorites. Thank you Bonnie Guitar! Bonnie’s guitar with the original mixing console from Wiley-Griffith Studios on the corner of North 46th and Orchard in Tacoma, WA. Jul  Aug 2016 19