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FEATURE BONNIE GUITAR’S 1966 GRETSCH WHITE FALCON Rick King  photos by Joe Riggio I don’t think anyone will argue with me when Ross at Randy’s Loans in Tacoma. Ross tell him what I would pay for each guitar. I could I say that the vintage guitar business has informed me that a stepson of Bonnie Guitar, see through his plan, so I gave him a grand total changed drastically in the last 20 years. The a local country pop singer, producer and co- for all. He asked me to itemize, but I told him I advent of the Internet has changed the game. founder of the record company Dalton Records didn’t want just one, but that I wanted them all Now anyone can be a vintage guitar dealer. You in the late 50’s that launched the careers of and that I would pay the total amount. He told don’t even have to have 30 years of experience The Fleetwoods and The Ventures, had just me that he would get back to me. He called to be successful. This has allowed every pawned 5 vintage guitars of hers. Bonnie was me a month later and voiced his frustration antique store, part-time hobbyist, pawnshop, also married for a time to Paul Tutmark, an early of all the questions that were being asked of and others to have an avenue to sell their pioneer of the electric guitar and inventor of the him on Ebay and, since he had not received guitars. I long for the days when you could electric bass guitar. Bonnie recorded some any actual bids on his auctions, he decided to walk into a pawnshop and buy until your hearts of her songs at Wiley Griffith Studios here in remove them from Ebay and sold them all to content. I would get in to my little S-10 truck Tacoma, WA. This is the same studio where me. I can’t remember the complete inventory, and drive from Tacoma, WA to Los Angeles, the Sonics recorded “Boom” and the Wailers but included in the haul was a 60’s Gretsch CA, attempting to beat my good friend Jerry recorded “Out of Our Tree”, two proto-punk County Gentleman, a mid-60’s Gibson Barney Baker, who was from Salt Lake City at the time, albums from 1966. Ross told me the guitars Kessel, and a 1966 Gretsch White Falcon. and everyone else, to the pawnshops. I would were now out of pawn and available for sale. Ross had mentioned the White Falcon in our return to Tacoma with a truck full of treasures. Randy’s Loans, like many other pawn shops, original conversation. I knew that it wasn’t her had begun selling items on Ebay. When I went mid-50’s vertical logo White Falcon because down to look at the guitars, Ross asked me to my friends, Brian and Monica, had purchased Approximately 20 years ago, I got a call from 18 Jul  Aug 2016