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Since that day, I have traveled thousands of miles and held some of the most incredible bursts in my hands, and I’ve learned that every burst is like a fingerprint or a snowflake, one of a kind, and each one comes with a story. One of my favorites is Lois’ story. Back in the late ‘90’s a woman named Lois owned one of the most memorable bursts that I had come across at the time. She was a lovely elderly lady and she had been gifted a ‘59 Les Paul Standard by her husband as a wedding gift in 1959. Lois was a player, and she and her husband had met while playing in a country swing band in the mid ‘50’s. Lois performed with that ‘59 Les Paul in that band up until sometime in the late ‘80’s when she and here husband realized that it had become quite a bit more valuable; too valuable to take on the road. She didn’t stop gigging, but she did get a newer guitar to perform with. I met Lois because the time had come for her to sell her burst to cover medical expenses, and I must admit it was quite an emotional experience. I took a video as Lois played her burst for the last time. Tears were shed, and she said goodbye to her guitar as she handed it to me and I handed her husband a bag with a large sum of money. That very special ‘59 burst has resided with a close friend for almost 20 years now. Soon after my friend acquired it I put him in touch with Lois and her husband. They spoke often on the phone and remained friends for a number of years, forever bonded by a 1959 Les Paul that will always be referred to as “Lois”. In 1959 the Les Paul Standard model sold new for $249. If we had only known then what we know now! If you really want to dig into the guts of the burst I would highly suggest the book “Beauty of the Burst” by Yasuhiko Iwanade, as well as all of Vic DePra’s books. Burst on! Jul  Aug 2016 15